Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We went to Florida . . . a while ago

We had tickets purchased to fly to Orlando for the day our grandson was due.  However, he made his appearance 10 days before that.  So we still flew on on the day he was to arrive. He, Mom, Dad, and older brother Connor were already in a routine.  Well as much of a routine as you can be with two boys still getting to know each other. 

Logan William settled into Grandpa's arms very easily.

Connor enjoyed his grandpa time too. He loves the outdoors and water. But then what 2 year old doesn't. By the second day, Connor would go get his shoes, take them to grandpa and say "outside"
Ever once in a while, I got to hold Logan. 

Connor knows all his alphabet. So Grandpa was testing him on the computer. Play the video, it's adorable.

We finally remembered to take a picture of the boys with all their grandparents. Something I hope they appreciate in years to come.

We went to the science center one day. Connor was impressed with plastic oranges and a chute.

The science center has a mock weather station just like Connor's daddy uses at work.

Again, back outside.  This time with a new water sprinkler we bought for him.

In the mean time Logan snoozes away. If you live in Florida, especially Orlando, you have to have Mickey clothes!

Can you say precious?!!

Logan loved his first bath!

As customary, we had to have a photo out front, on our last day. Actually we cheated, this was the day before we left. I didn't think the boys would be too cooperative for photos the morning we left at 6 AM.

Note, tickets are already bought for return trip.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I've been busy as a bee

Slacker, that's what I am when it comes to blogging. But on the other hand, I've really been busy.

I made myself a back pack.  When we fly one particular airline, we only take a back pack. Yep, we are cheap and the back pack is free. So I wanted one with out all those compartments. 

I found the two fabrics at Hobby Lobby. I used Bosal In-R-Foam plus double sided fusible stabilizer. You iron the fabric to both side and then I quilted it. This was probably the funnest part of making the bag.

I used an imitation suede on the back of the straps (hobby lobby too). This keeps the straps from sliding off your shoulders.

It features a zip pocket all the way across the front. Two pull cord pockets on the sides. There is also a zip pocket inside.

I'd love to share the pattern with you, but it's only in my head. I just winged it. It turned out great.

I did make one major mistake.  Can you figure out what it is?

I flipped it the wrong way. So my back pack is wider than longer. But hey, whatever, it works, I just have to widen my shoulders!

This is a project I was asked to make for my great nephew. He will soon turn 5.  These are his super heroes t shirts. It is for a body pillow. It took longer to cut them up and position them, than it did to sew it. I used one of his daddy's t shirt for the cuff.

The blacksmith has been busy too, teaching the young. Ethan was so excited to get a personal lesson from the master.

Here is a quilt that we finished at St Margaret's church a couple of weeks ago. It was another fun one to quilt! Good job Judy and Elaine holding it up!

Ethan gifted me with this hand made split oak basket for the blacksmith giving him a lesson. I love it!
I finished (grandbaby #5), Logan's sock monkey quilt. I mailed it to arrive at his house, the day we arrived.

This is my donation for our blacksmith conference 2015. My friend Deanna took our program and digitized it into her computer embroidery machine. Enlarge the picture to see what a great job she did.

The colors from the bottom up, represents the color of the metal. It goes from black, red, orange, yellow and white as it heats up.

It is best seen on the back where flames are quilted.

I stitched our logo by machine.

I leave you with our newest grandson's Easter picture! Hopefully my next post will be our trip to Florida!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Grand baby #5 is here

Logan William (William is after my late father) made his arrival almost 2 weeks early. He arrived  Easter morning at sunrise. 

7 lbs. 10 ounces. 20 inches long. Everyone is doing fine. They were home 36 hours after his birth.

Easter bunny had come a day early at their house. Big brother Connor is now driving in style.

Easter at our house, included frying some delicious fried chicken. The blacksmith was a little under the weather so Jeremy took over for his Dad.

The kids did some egg hunting. 

Easter included the lamb cake. As much trouble as it is for me to make this, holy week is probably not the appropriate week to make it, if you get my drift. 

Danish twist is an Easter tradition too, here it is before the icing was on.

Easter gifts too were part of the day. We then did some facetiming with Sarah and Rusty and the boys in Florida. Boys, I am going to have to get use to BOYS.

To finish out our day, Lizzie pulled her first tooth.  She summed the day up pretty good as she exclaimed "today was a good day, Easter, a new cousin and the tooth fairy!"

Life is good.

Here's a few pictures from the big family get together on Good Friday. There were many gallons of fish fried, a gallon of frogs, hush puppies, and french fries. Always good 
carry-in food too. 

The evening was topped off with a bonfire.

Life doesn't get much better.

Friday, March 27, 2015

#16 but who's counting?

Yes it happened again, I was given this beauty.

It's a 1961 singer Rocketeer model 503.   Our friend Jim is downsizing and offered to me. It even came with all kind of accessories including this box of cams.

You can use two needles and sew with two threads for some beautiful decorative stitching.

This vintage Singer oil can was in one of the drawers.

The blacksmith gave it a well check.
It was ready to sew.

I went to see Jim the next day and took him a small thank you gift,

Deer sausage and homemade cookies!

Sew on ~ ~ ~

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is how I FELT

Perhaps you remember when my friend Pattie gave me this 1904 Singer 15K machine. 

This is how it looked when I got it.

Today it shines like new. Look at that fly wheel, I never knew you could get it back to almost new. Thanks to my friend Phil, he is the man when it comes to restoring my machines. Sadly some of the decal had been abused. This happened when a previous owner wrapped a cloth around the machine and used it as her pin cushion. Yikes!

Now compare the before and after of the case. All I did  to restore it was some denatured alcohol and lots of elbow grease. 

So to show my appreciation to Pattie, I decided to make a penny table runner for her. 

I checked out pictures on her facebook page and tried to match the color of the newly remodeled kitchen at her cozy little cabin in the woods. 

This felt work was so much fun. I went to Pinterest . . . big mistake!

I got hooked. 

In the past two weeks I have made all these needle keepers. It's a small 3 inch square book. Most of them have 4 felt pages to hold your sewing needles. I've already shipped some to Alaska and Minnesota!!  

These are $12 each and the cheapest I've found to mail them is $5.05, regardless of how many.

These are also needle keepers. They open into a circle. They are $6.00 each.

On Friday, I asked the blacksmith to make a spool holder for me. I had spools of ribbon uncurling all over my sewing table. This is what he came up with. 

Here's a close up. . . 

Did you know Easter is just 47 days away???

So that is how I FELT!!