Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We missed this little grandson at Easter. We did get to face-time with him several times. He loves to see his 3 cousins talk to him on the camera. The Easter bunny brought him a fisher-price tractor and farm animals, which he dearly loves. 

This was to be our traditional lamb cake. The good news is, it was actually very good cut up and without icing. The bad news is it really could have used some strawberries, and we were out.

We really didn't need cake since I had made my second danish twist in 3 days. Warm, drizzled with icing and the blackberry jelly in the crevices is just awesome!! I posted the recipe a couple of years ago.  If you need it click here.

The fresh cut flowers given to me by my sweet daughter in law, made the table beautiful. My granite ware is my "country china".

The oldest three grand kids did some posing while their Mom took a few photos in the yard. 

Then the Easter egg hunt was on!

After dinner they found their Easter presents. 

I've been wanting a good picture of the blacksmith and me with Bentley.  This was the best we could get the dog to do. I don't think it will make the Christmas Card cut this year.

How was your Easter?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Saturday

We were up before dawn on Saturday to travel to a Mountain Man show at a near by town.

Here are 2 of our display tables. The third table was just as full of iron work. The show was small, very small. Probably not over 40-50 people came through. However, for us it was profitable. That's what counts!  Next year they are moving the date to winter time. Spring with 80 degree temperature equals no shoppers.

We arrived home early and decided to make church at 5:30. Afterward we went to our favorite local dinner establishment, Ecco Lounge. We were seated in the back room, a small room with 5 tables. 

This is what we saw across from us at table #1. The couple (our age) at table #2 asked him if he was proposing engagement to his girlfriend tonight. "Oh no" he said, "I'm going to ask her to the prom". PROM? a proposal?

The young, man who was very polite, asked if we would all clap if she accepted his proposal. Soon he got a text that she had arrived in the parking lot. 

As this picture was taken she was saying yes, and we all broke out clapping and cheering!

Poor girl, she only has two weeks to find "the dress"!

Apparently, this is a common thing to try to out do the last person in asking for a date. After I posted this on Facebook, a friend sent me this text about her daughter  - One guy asked Meredith to a dance once by piling up about nine old tires at our front door with a bunch of Rolo candy and a sign that said "I'm sure you're tired of waiting for me to ask but will you roll with me to sweethearts? " It was a classic.   

Times sure have changed since I was asked to prom?  How about you?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Look what I left behind.

This one I would love to have! A friend (who I talked about here) is selling this white featherweight for $400. It's just a little too rich for my blood. But if you are interested left me know, I can find out if it's still available. The machine is located in Jefferson City, Mo. 

At 8:30 AM, I got a text from my favorite daughter-in-law of a black machine for sale at a rummage sale up the road. She actually texted me the above picture. The blacksmith and I quickly headed there. 

It's a Singer 15-90. I'm still thinking on this one.  A singer 15-90 is belt driven, where as the 15-91 is gear driven. Otherwise it's pretty much the same machine. 

My friend Angie, found this one at an antique store west of Columbia Missouri. It is listed at $375.00.

Funny I had never seen a white featherweight in person until this past week. Now I see there are 2 located fairly close.

Thanks  again to social media (Facebook) today I heard about 3 more machines at another rummage sale. (Thanks Andy).

This Modernage was $45.  It's not a Singer, but looks very similar. 

Then there was this sweet Singer 99. It was only $45, that's $10 less than I paid for mine. I wish I would have photoed the serial number. I'm pretty sure it's older than mine. Again, I didn't need this one either.

At the same sale was this Modern Age retro pink machine. It was nice too, just not my style. 

After all that deciding not to buy, my stomach was growling. I stopped by Mi Pueblo Mexican bakery. They now make dinner items. I had bought some of their tamales one Saturday and loved them. So I was ready for a few more and some taco al pastor. 

The lady seemed a little confused when I asked for beef and chicken tamales. It was then in broken English she tried to explain, only on weekends. So I settled for tacos. I will be back some Saturday.  Maybe when I'm back out looking for sewing machines!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Closing shop. . . well sort of

When we ended our craft shows last fall we set up a store in our basement. It is now time to close it temporarily. You see we have our first craft show this Saturday. 

We will be at the Copper Kettle restaurant in Ashland from 8 to 5 on Saturday. It's their Mountain Man show. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday's auction . . . and then another machine

Sunday's sale advertised a treadle machine and a "featherlight" machine. When we got there we found the featherweight machine sitting on top of the treadle cabinet. The black suitcase was empty way across the room. I found one of the auction workers and told her it belonged together. I also found the original book in a separate box. After the two of us worked together it was a complete deal, grease tube and oil can included. I'm not sure of the age of this machine, but the most current date in the book was 1947. 

We left way before they got to the machine. I left a bid with the auctioneer. Not for me, but for a my friend Phil. I guess we didn't win it, as I was never called. 

We did bid on this nice pressure canner. We dropped out. Upon our return home we looked the canner up. We could have almost tripled our bid and it still would have been cheaper than a new one. Dang!

The canner had several hand written notes from the lady that owned it. She gave a little history of her canning and the purchase of it. 

At the sale, we ran into an old classmate from high school. The friend lost his mom less than two weeks ago. She had been the Singer dealer in town for years, retiring in the early 70's. 

Through tears he talked about disposing of her things. One thing lead to another and he invited us over to her home to look at a few things.  

This 66 came home with us. It has what is called the Godzilla finish. The blacksmith put a new belt on it and did some cleaning. I think we are going to install it in a treadle cabinet but use it as an electric machine. 

It was bittersweet to become the owner of this machine as I had visited his mother's store many times in the late 60's and early 70's. Just a few weeks before she passed away, I sent a note to her daughter-in-law to show my sewing machine blogs to her. I know she had a heart that supported all Singer machines. 

We purchased a few Singer items from him, one being a gallon Singer oil can. How cool is that?!

Machine #12 now resides with me. 

Rest in peace Mrs. B

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another sewing machine!!!

Today was another auction in Osage County. . . Missouri that is. 

Let me show you a few things that were there. 
 A double wedding ring quilt top.

 A double wedding ring quilt. (It had a few stains.)

 A nice hand quilted churn dash quilt. It had a really neat big flower printed back. 

 A complete featherweight, including original grease tube and oil can. It sold for $225. 

 A lonely featherweight in a card board box. It sold for $175.

 Tons of vintage 36 inch fabric. 

Feed sacks, now these knocked my socks off. They were divided into 5 stacks and sold per stack. They brought right at $500 for all 5 stacks. 

Some of this vintage fabric came home with me. However it's not for me. It's for my friend Mara. 

 Trading stamp books, most were full ones too!

I drooled.  I'm sure it cleans better than my HE washer that is agitator free!

 Crocks, crocks, and more crocks.  

 The one he's holding went for $135.

 This one sold for $170.

This Western 15 gallon sold for $165. There was an 8 gallon Western with fruit markings.  It sold for $135.  A 12 gallon Western with the mother in law tongue markings sold for $150. A 12 gallon Western with complete handles sold for $110. 

The blacksmith bought this knife. His dad worked for Eagan Tire company in the 50's and 60's. It was a knife just like the blacksmith was given one Christmas. He lost it years ago, but now he has a brand new one! 

I saw the thimbles and since they were also an advertisement for Eagan, I bought them too. Inside of each holder is thread, needles, and safety pins. 

 This is what I came home with for Mara. 

These 3 pieces I pulled out to show you their sales tag. The first one was from F. W. Woolworth Co. 2 yards at .39 cents. The middle one was from J.J. Newberry Co 5-10-25 cent stores for .35 cents a yard. The striped one is also from Woolworth's for .39 cents per yard.

The next 3 pictures are of fabric I did bid on for myself, mainly for the tags. However sadly, I didn't win these. 

South Side Dry goods is the store where I bought the fabric for my wedding dress. However, not in 1945 as this ticket indicates. 

I am now the owner of sewing machine #11.  This is a Singer 301. I thought that would complete my set. I have now been told by my sewing machine man Phil, that I really need a Singer 201-2.

Oh well, there is always the sale tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mom and Dad's 69th Wedding anniversary

On this day 69 years ago my parents were married. Mom was 21 years old, and Dad was 31. They were married for 55 years before Dad was called to heaven. 

I love this wedding day picture of them. Their attendants were my Mom's sister, June and her husband Pash. 

It's bittersweet that only Mom is here to remember that day.  So Happy Anniversary Mom, Love you!