Sunday, October 31, 2010

Casita Trip Day 1 tuesday October 26 2010

We took off on our maiden voyage with the Casita last Tuesday morning. A hundred and thirty miles and three hours later we arrived in Eminence, Missouri. There we found Arrowhead camp ground and pulled in. We had almost the entire campground to ourselves. 3 cabins were rented to construction workers. Another cabin had lights at night but we never saw anyone there except for a lady having an occasional smoke on the porch.

We paid $50 plus tax for 2 nights. Little did we know it would come with all the free DVD's we could watch. The owners were gone on a cruise. The stand in gal really didn't know a thing about the camp ground. She told us that up front, as she is really a school teacher.

After we set up camp we went road tripping. First it was to Alley Springs. Even the parking lot was beautiful.

This would be the first of several places that we would have all to ourselves. The tall three story red mill was so majestic looking. Unfortunately, it was closed for the season.

The spring behind the mill was so calming and peaceful. The water was the most unbelievable shade of blue.

After walking the trails we returned to our campsite. There we checked out the Jack's Fork river. I took my magazine and a lawn chair. The blacksmith took his fly rod. The wind was a hindrance to both of us, but nothing could spoil our peaceful fun!

The bridge over the Jack's Fork made shade for a few ducks splashing in the water.

At dusk we retired to the camper and made dinner. As we were cooking the host came and offered us videos. We turned her down saying we didn't have a TV or DVD player with us (after all we were camping). After dinner we remembered that we had the laptop so we walked to the office. The blacksmith picked out three movies. Avatar, Da Vinci Code, and a Bruce Willis Die Hard movie.
And then we settled in for the night.

Halloween Party at Osage Bend 2010

. . .once again, not to be confused with Osage Bluff.
The son and wife held their first annual Halloween Party.
It was a HOOT!!
If names are not given, it's to protect the innocent
those in the witness protection program!
The Blacksmith and wife.
(Not too many devils have hand forged forks.)
(Not too many witches have hand forged handles on their brooms either)

Rosie and Henry Orbit.

Nemo Lizzie

Special forces patrolman.

My favorite costume, great job Joleen.

Aladdin and son.

My son and wife, and her sister and husband, came dressed alike.
Funny thing is, these sisters are the youngest and the oldest of a family of 12 children.
Much to their surprise they both came dressed as flappers with their gangster husbands.

A family protrait!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Excuse me . . .

I've got lots of beautiful Ozark pictures to go through just like this one.
You see, we took off for a 4 day trip in the Ozark Mountains. What a trip it was. I can't wait to tell you about it.

But first I have a few things to catch up on.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sunday morning breakfast.
Fried squirrel and Missouri fried apples, oh and cheerios!
Is that a redneck's breakfast or what?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Random things

Let's start with Friday. I was up before the butt crack of dawn. The sun wasn't even showing when I left the house at 6:50. It was my day to be smashed, poked and prodded. (You women will get my drift.)

All appointments went great, blood pressure was down, thanks to losing 10 lbs. I did get a tetanus shot, first in many years. That is probably a good thing as I am always around rusty metal, living with the blacksmith.

After all the necessary appointments I had a cappuccino at McDonald's and I treated myself to a cheese croissant at BK Bakery. My next treat was hair color and a trim. I had just stepped in the door at the salon, when my cell phone rings. It was my DIL; Elizabeth had taken a fall. My son was also calling on the other line.

Poor little Elizabeth ended up with 4 stitches in her chin. The boys ages 9 and 6 have never had stitches or a broken bone. Leave it to the rowdy little girl to be first.

When I arrived home my Fall into Fall giveaway had arrived from Michelle. I had to open the cute little zippered bag first, and of course a peppermint pattie just happen to fall into my hands. So of course I ate it! There is a wonderful Gooseberry quilting book, 3 patterns including one for paper piecing (which is my very favorite method), a yo-yo Christmas ornament and a hand stitched adorable little country pillow.
The rest of my day was pretty much uneventful!

Now for Thursday, here is Elizabeth fishing with a cane out the front window.

And from Wednesday, my shopping at the Lutheran Church resell it shop. This cute corduroy jacket was $3.50. I washed it and it will be my favorite I'm sure, it's so soft and warm.

This long sleeve shirt I purchased for only 50 CENTS!! I bought it for my Halloween costume but I think it will be added to my closet afterwards.

These blow up costumes were only a $1.00 but the blacksmith put the ixnay on them. So I donated them to Salvation Army on Friday.

This little Folger's puzzle was $2.00

Friday I went to
Specialty Quilts and found the matching Moda prints to the camper panel I showed a few days ago. When the panels arrive I will be ready to sew! Oh does anyone have the On the Road pattern by MH designs I can borrow?

Elizabeth has become good friends with Bentley. I wonder what she is telling him here?

Finally I leave you with a picture of meat for the table. Fall turkey season is in full swing here in Missouri. Nice to know the blacksmith is still putting bacon on the table. The boys were excited when Grandpa shot it in the woods behind the house.
Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


And just where do you think I will use this????

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our new home on wheels

Well we bit the bullet and bought it!!
It's a doll, and I can't wait to hit the road.
As my friend Kathy said "Happy Trails!"
The blacksmith and his bff picked it up Friday while I worked.
I haven't seen it being towed behind my car yet, but I was assured it looks great.

This was the first order of business. Remove it!!!

A little goo be gone worked great.

Some elbow greased helped too.
Greased lightning and a little scouring pad took all the tree sap off.
Tomorrow it will get power washed and then a hand wax job.

But in the mean time, a card game was in order.

Elizabeth loves the bed. Although she did take one tumble off of it head first.

The boys wanted to spend the night tonight, never mind it was a school night.
Here Alex is enjoying the Sunday paper, and Brady tries to steal the
back page reading from afar.
Not only did I get a camper this weekend, I won two Fall giveaways.
Thank you to Cyndi at stitch, stitch , stitch
Hope you all had a beautiful fall weekend!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Could a camper be in our future?

Today the blacksmith and I took a road trip about an hour and 10 minutes from the house.

It was to look at a 2002 Casita 16 foot Freedom Deluxe travel trailer. The price sounded good.

Here is the dining area and the sleeping area behind it makes into a living room, after you reset the couch. I am already dreaming of the quilt I could make for the bed. (and I'd make my bed a little neater too.)
The small kitchen included a built in microwave behind the door, with a refrigerator below. The two burner stove looked brand new. What I didn't take a picture of was the bathroom with a shower. It was a lot packed into a small space, including built in air conditioning.

The main concern the blacksmith has is the exterior. It is fiberglass which has not been waxed probably ever. It's a little oxidized and would need lots of TLC to restore it.
Still thinking about . . .

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You gotta check this out~ ~ ~

and help a friend gain more followers.

After all Jeri at
Hopalong Hollow Gazette is giving away one of her fabulous books, Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies.
I almost didn't tell you about it, because I really want to win a copy. Last Christmas I ordered her book The Journey of Bushky Bushy Bottom for the grand kids. It not only came with a audio CD, but she signed the book just for the kids. No where will you find a book like hers. The art works, the hidden animals, and the colors are just fabulous!!!

So hop on over and become a follower for your chance to win. Just maybe if you win and I lose you will give me your copy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

And I thought there was no mail on a holiday . . .

Today on my way home from work, I did not stop at the mail box. I knew it was a legal holiday and there was no mail delivery

However when I got to the front door, I was proven wrong. There was mail delivery. . . seems the UPS man delivers on holidays.

I quickly cut the box open, anticipation was killing me. I had received packages before from the Bedillions and I knew they were one sweet deal!

Sara and Mark sent us a jar of their wonderful honey! You see I had made them a quilt for their new bundle of joy who is due in just 16 days. I so enjoyed making the little guy a
I can hardly wait for the morning light to come. I'm gonna toast a piece of sour dough bread, smear it with real butter and pour on the fresh honey. YUMMO!
Thanks Sara and Mark! I'm looking forward to the little guy's arrival and sending prayers that all goes well!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The week's end

In July I won Moda Cotton Blossoms from Lori. After sewing these together I decided I like them so well that I bought another charm pack off Ebay for only $6.25. They should be here Monday. Somehow I will make this a big enough quilt to cover a queen bed. Or so I think now. So far I have only used the charm pack and fabric from my stash. Therefore the only money I've spent is for the one ebay pack.

Elizabeth was here today. She loves to PICK, PICK, as she says.

Here she is trying to ride the tractor we bought her daddy when he was about the same age.

It was a beautiful day for 4 wheeler rides.

Or anyway you could get a ride

Grandpa and the boys did some target practice in the back yard. Brady has been deer hunting yesterday and today.

Even though Alex is too young to hunt deer in Missouri, it never hurts to train them early.