Thursday, November 29, 2007


You can click here KSBI,anchor or just read below.

Sarah proudly joined the KSBI team in June 2007 as the
producer of Oklahoma News Tonight. She also brings you
the latest health news on Oklahoma News Tonight at 5:30 pm.
Sarah is originally from small town Mid-Missouri.
She graduated from the University of Missouri with a
Bachelors of Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Political
Science. She began her broadcasting career at KOMU-TV8 in
Columbia, MO. While there she dipped into a little bit of
everything, from reporting to producing and many jobs in between.Before coming to KSBI-TV, Sarah was the evening
producer at the station she grew up watching, KRCG, in
Jefferson City, MO. In her free time Sarah loves to watch football.
She's a huge Mizzou fan (Go Tigers!). When it's not football season,
Sarah likes spending time outside, especially when it's warm.

Out of the mouth of babes!

So last night Alex told his Mom, "I need a TV in my room. We need to think about that.”

And later he said “Can we put up my tree now? Can we put up my tree now, pleeeaaaaase? I’m bein’ patient, mom. Am I bein’ patient, mom?”

Keep in mind Alex just turned 3 in May!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

The boys enjoying their meal.
I was up about 7:00 and made a cherry pie, then I rolled out those great hot rolls and filled 3 pans with them.

At 11 we went to Lona's, she had heaters on in her garage and had the kitchen door open letting the heat roll out there. Even with the 36 degrees outside the garage was warm. She had the Turkey, baked ham, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes all ready to go. The pies were ready too, lemon, chocolate and pumpkin.

Lori brought Golden green bean casserole and the cutes Pilgrim hat treats that her and Brady had made. The hats were made with a Keebler stripped cookie and marshmellows. They tasted just like chocolate covered rabbits you get a Easter. Yummo!
We had finished eating when Buffy made her appearance.

With BT still feeling under the weather, we retreated home about 2:00. The little boys rode with us. once home Brady, Jeremy and BT carried firewood up on the deck. WE all spent a lazy afternoon, playing tiddlywinks, dominoes, legos and jenga. Jeremy BBQ venison steaks, rope sausage and chicken breast. I made a great artichoke salad and butter noodles. Once again we pigged out.

After dinner we watched the Incredibles and Lori and Jeremy left about 9:30, the boys stayed with us. Brady read most of the bedtime story and then they were out like a light.

Sarah called on her way home from work, she had a Thanksgiving dinner at work catered in. Now she was going home and Rusty's sister Stephanie was making Turkey and all the trimmings. I then called Rusty and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving, he had a Thanksgiving Breakfast at work at 7 AM.

So from the Cardwell girls....Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Dog Days of November?

Even Bentley can't believe the weather.

It's 70 degrees and I am burning leaves in a t-shirt and jeans, actually shorts would even feel better.

But then like they say in Missouri, stick around the weather will change. Thursday's forecast is a high of 37, snow and a low of 21!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catch up night

So it's been a few days since I've been here to blog. Let's recap:

SATURDAY: It was still way too warm for Deer hunting. Being home by myself, for a bit I got some sewing done. I picked up the grandsons about 10:15 and we went into town for an errand at the bank. They were happy with stickers there. Next it was a mission for Marshmallows. We stopped at the dollar store, but no such item there. So instead what else to do but spoil the boys and buy them a toy gun that shot rubber disc. We drove over to Schnuck's and found Marshmallows, which Alex carried proudly to the cash register and Brady carried the powdered sugar I needed for cinnamon roll icing. By buying only two things it avoided the grocery cart with the big plastic car attached to the front that they wanted to ride in!

By this time it was lunch time. I made the mistake of asking the boys what they wanted. Alex wanted McDonald's, and Brady, after telling Alex the french flies weren't healthy for him, wanted chicken legs from Lee's. So being the nice Gma I am, we went both places.

At home they boys were eating their lunch when Grandpa came in. We put batteries in the new guns and they were both a piece of junk. One gun shot one time, the other one wouldn't fire at all.

It was soon nap time for Alex and Brady had bought a computer game from home. I went straight to my sewing. I had to get a baby quilt done in a week.

Dinner was at the cabin, a big ole pot of Chicken and Rice soup. Bernie made a camp Blackberry cobbler for dessert.

Sunday: I was up at 6:15 and rolled out my cinnamon rolls that had been resting in the refrigerator over night. By 9:00 I was delivering them to camp. When I got there, the pot of coffee was finished and BT was frying some bacon.

I had to clerk for an auction at 12:00 at Brazito. The weather was just beautiful for the outdoor fun. It was very demanding work, you had to concentrate on the auctioneer and you couldn't talk to anyone. It was fun work, something I hadn't done for 4 or 5 years I guess. By 4:00 we were finished. I made $75.00 for a day in the country fresh air.I bought Lori a fireplace made of fiberglass with an electric log with real crackling fire sounds. It was 77 degrees when I walked in the door at 5:00 Way too hot for deer hunting.

Supper at Deer camp was a big ole pot of Beef Vegetable soup that Pat and Larraine had worked on together. I was back home by 7:00 and straight to the sewing machine.

Monday: My last day to sleep in and I was wide awake at 7. So I just got up and started sewing. A nice rain set in by mid morning and stayed all day. BT was at the cabin slow cooking a dutch oven full of beef stew. After dinner we all left the cabin. It's back to work for us all and hopefully cooler weather by next weekend.

Tuesday: WORK, Yikes!

Wednesday: Work again, but I took off at 2:00 for a hair cut and color, whoops, only my hair dresser was suppose to know that. I picked BT up at his office at 5 and we went out for Dinner at Colton's. When I got home I finished the quilt!!! Snoopy dance time!!! It is for Jennifer, BT's employee, her baby shower is Friday night.

Now it's recliner time, I can kick back and relax.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Late Halloween Pictures

Grandma, Brady, Alex and Grandpa.

in his outfit his aunt Lona made for him. It was
Trick or Beer
for the rest of the night for him!

Friday, November 9, 2007

T'was the night before...........


My sewing had to wait this morning, supplies were needed for deer camp. I was in town by 9:30, after filling my car up with gas at $2.99 a gallon. MY treat was a stop at the quilt store where I picked up the book Linda had ordered for me. It is paper piece Sunbonnot Sue and Overall Sam. I can hardly wait to sew a batch up.

Bentley and I were waiting for BT outside when he arrived home. We quickly packed up and headed to Deer Camp. Jeremy and the little boys already had a bon fire going. Alex was looking in the cooler for hot dogs to roast. Chili was cooking inside the cabin. It was too warm to have a fire in the new stove, maybe later in the night the guys said. Larraine and Lori joined us for dinner too.

I came home about 7:30 and started sewing, by 10:00 my eyes were going crossed.

And now it's bedtime. After all I have to go to town for Marshmallows tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This was posted today on site........wonder who the Missouri Family could be????

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Woolly Worms and Persimmon Seeds:

This morning, I talked about popular winter weather myths. Two of the more popular are woolly worms and persimmon seeds.

The typical woolly worm is colored with black bands on both ends and a brown band in the middle. The legend says the wider the brown band, the milder the winter.

A narrow band is believed to be a prediction of a harsh winter.In Banner Elk, N.C., a Woolly Worm Festival is held in October each year and, of course, a caterpillar race is part of the event. The winner of the race is inspected and the winter forecast is projected by the size of the brown band.

I received a woolly worm from a family I know in Missouri a couple of weeks ago. To my amazement, he was still alive this morning! It made for quite good tv. He (or she) had a brown band about one-third the size of the body, an indication of a mild winter ahead.

The persimmon seed folklore is believed to have generated in the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas many years ago. According to legend, the formation inside a persimmon will predict the winter weather. If the formation is shaped like a fork, a mild winter is in the outlook; if it's shaped like a knife, a bitterly-cold winter is coming; and if it's shaped like a spoon, there will be a lot of snow.

There are many, many weather myths...but here are a few more popular ones:

-If the bull leads the cows to pasture, expect rain. If the cows precede the bull, the weather is uncertain.

- The first frost in autumn will be exactly six months after the first thunderstorm of the spring.- If a raven crows, expect rain.

- Fish bite best before a rain.

Everyone puts different weight into these weather myths, in fact, some wouldn't call them myths at all. While there has never been any scientific proof to support these myths, there's no doubt mother nature and her creatures have a close tie to our changing weather.Rusty
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

A busy weekend

Starting with Friday night, it was a quick dinner of Tacos. BT meet with Jeremy and two of his friends and went gigging on the Osage. That left me at home recording shows we usually watch together. BT made it home about 10:15, they cleaned fish until midnight. In other words it was a good night on the river.

Saturday morning, I worked in the kitchen all morning. I made chicken and sausage gumbo and cleaned all the vegetables for a relish tray. At the same time I filled the crock pot with nacho beef cheese dip. The vegetables and dip were to take to Jeremy's 30th Birthday party, the gumbo was for Sunday lunch.

BT left to go to the hall to cook chili in his grandmother's kettle. By the time I got there, it was simmering away. The Fall day was perfect. Most of the time you didn't even need a coat. Sarah made it to the party by 3:30. Alex gave her a big hug and then just stared at her. Like to say "is it really you?" Brady told her more then once, it's been a long time since we've seen you.

The hall was full of Jeremy's friends. It was great to see such a big turn out. Everyone brought a dish and there was plenty of good food. We stayed till about 7:00 when Sarah and I took the boys home to stay all night with us. They entertained themselves on the computer with a new game. Bedtime for the little boys and the big boy BT came at 9:00.

Sarah and I stayed up to watch the end of Mizzou's game. 55-10 what a blow out. GO MIZZOU!
Sunday morning even with the time change the boys were up way earlier then they usually get up. Alex got in bed with us first and was the kissing bandit. It was so sweet, then Brady came and had to keep up with little brother. Grandpa had them in the living room before 7:30 watching cartoons. Grandpa started a fire in the fireplace as I was making pancakes way before 9AM.

The day was spent, riding bikes, playing catch with Bentley and getting ready for a fish fry in the afternoon.

Jeremy and Lori came and we fried fish, potatoes and made Ramen noodle coleslaw. It was great to have Sarah home because she made us dessert. It was quick Cheery Cobbler. We didn't have a cake mix, so she got out a cookbook (What she can read a cookbook?) and made it from scratch. As we ate, Lori slept on the couch, too much partying for her last night. Larraine and Amber came just as we were finishing up lunch. Thank goodness, because they took all the leftover fish home.

BT and Jeremy power washed the kettle after lunch and Sarah headed home about 3:30. It was Miami Ink marathon on TLC, so we watched about 5 episodes until Jeremy and family left. We put some more wood on the fire and relaxed in our double recliners rest of the night. Sarah made it back safely to OK City by 8:45.

Family weekends like this are to be cherished!
9:52PM 50 degrees.