Friday, July 27, 2007


Anticipation, that's right Sarah and Rusty are due home in just a couple of hours. Their first trip back since they moved to Oklahoma City. So I've cleaned, bought a new shower curtain, installed a new oak toilet ring and I even bought them gifts and placed them on their pillow. You ask what is the gift. I bought them each license plates for the front of their cars from their respective colleges. Go Tigers. and Go Gators.

It will be a busy weekend. Sarah has a hair appointment in the morning. We'd like to go to the river in the afternoon. Then there is church at 5:30 and Madison's after that. Sunday is Brady's 6th Birthday party. A Fish Fry at 1:00.

Today started with a couple of loads of laundry before 8. Then after my morning ritual of Mocha Cappuccino, I headed to town. My first stop was to mail off my EBay sale. Can you believe someone paid $20 for 50 empty boxes from my Holy Herd Collection? Next stop Lowe's for one more kitchen light. Lightening has come such a long way since we built this house in 1993. We replaced the one over the sink earlier in the week, now we are tacking down the old canister track light. I run into Penney's to see if I can find something to spend my $10 coupon on. There was a pair of $40 Sandals calling my name, after subtracting the sale price and redeeming my $10 coupon, I paid $14 for them. Grocery shopping was now awaiting me, then one quick stop at the Habitat store to check for glass globes to update and fan. (to no avail).

At home by 1:00 I quickly run the vacuum and finish the laundry. I cut a fresh chicken in half and season it with Jamaican Jerk spices. At 3:30 just after I light the BBQ pit, BT arrives home. I forget Friday's are short days for them during the summer. He takes over the BBQ of the chicken, after he starts a batch of charcoal in the 55 gallon drum at the barn. You can't beat his homemade charcoal for real tasty food. When the chicken is finished, I slice the last of my tomatoes from Diane and make a bowl of spicy Cole slaw. What a tasty meal.

4 more hours and the kid will be here ` ` ` ` ` `

78 degrees and all the rain is staying north of here.

Well so much for my first blog page. Please check back often. Hopefully I can keep it updated.

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