Sunday, October 21, 2007

the weekend

Saturday we were up early. It was a painful start for me, other then getting up early on the weekend. I had laid my clothes out the night before. As I slipped on my jeans, something bit me on the leg. I screamed I've been bit, and pulled the pants off quickly inside out. I thought I would find a spider, instead it was a wasp. BT quickly got his sting stix out of his first aid kit in the Jeep. It took the pain away immediately.

There was an auction in Jamestown, which was about 45 miles away. It was 55 degrees when we left home, but by days end at the sale it was in the seventies and beautiful .

The auction was at the late home of Dora Dietzel. She lived to be 97 years old. It was apparent that she never threw anything away. With the house, barn and 2 out buildings there was a lot of "stuff". The church across the street had the most gorgeous pies that they were selling by the slice, however the homemade cinnamon rolls caught my eye as I went to get BT a cup of coffee. So we shared both rolls and coffee together.

I had my eye on a pitcher and 6 glass in cobalt blue. Little did I know that there was depression cobalt blue. The set went for $270.00, I didn't even get to bid before it went way past my limit. The only other thing I had my eye on was a McCray "ice box", however they decided not to sell it. (Today I found one on EBay for $150, but it was pick up only and located in Ohio and I just couldn't' talk BT into a road trip).

BT bought $19 worth of rusty iron. It was after 4 o'clock before we left there. We stopped in town for a dinner of fried chicken and then headed home. We were tired.

Sunday I was up before 8, making Fastnachtskuckens for breakfast. BT made it up before I had the coffee perking. (Ha! who perks coffee anymore?)

Tom and Forrest came with the skid steer. They made quick time of moving the 11 trees out of the barn lot and leveling the dirt. The dust was flying and I told Forrest his hair was even a different color, of course so was his face. The high winds didn't help the situation today or the 81 degrees.

I made countless trips back and forth from my laundry to take pictures at the barn lot. Poor Bentley would get up in his kennel every time I walked out, thinking he was going to get to go with me. We kept him penned up, because he would like to follow the machinery.

Tom finished shortly before 4 and after my approval, I headed to Honey Creek Lutheran Church for their Turkey and Sausage dinner. I got two dinners to go along with Cherry pie for me and Blackberry for BT.

When I got back home, BT and Bentley were reviewing the fresh dozed area. Bentley was making himself a pile of "roots". After we ate, I finished the ironing and BT rested in the recliner. Time to get ready for another week of work.

10:09 and 70.5

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