Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Casita trip (and with the new Casita quilt)


We left Friday morning for Doniphan, Missouri. We would attend a one day blacksmith meeting and then just R and R for another 3 days. Doniphan is a location along the beautiful Current River. It's known for some great float trips, whether by canoe, tube, raft or jet boats. Due to the cool weather, we would just be watching from the bank. 

This is site #23 at KC's on the Current. All sites were available to us except #21, it would be occupied for the weekend.  All 28 sites were empty.

The blacksmith  was anxious to set up and try out our new camp stove/grill. Sure, we have a 2 burner inside the Casita, but there's something about grilling in the outdoors.

Friday night, without internet or TV, we watched a DVD on the laptop. Oh, I love camp life!

I love this Pioneer Log cabin which is next to the Tom Kennon Blacksmith shop. This was the site of the BAM meeting on Saturday.

This old wagon made for a cool picture too.

Saturday afternoon's BBQ lunch was served on the lawn. Blacksmiths always like a good lunch. After a tour of the local Heritage Museum, we returned to our camp site.

Remember I told you we were the only one in the 28 site place. WRONG, someone had moved in NEXT door. WHY?  There were 27 other spaces available.  The couple was nice, very talkative, had a nice almost new camper with all the bells and whistles, outdoor porch carpet, patio lights, outdoor refrigerator, shepherd hook with 2 lamps, BBQ grill and a camp fire already lit at 3 in the afternoon.

This is the bath house on the campground, just about 5 sites away from us. Several weeks ago, Doniphan was flooded. We were told you could take a canoe through the upper part of this bath house and almost touch the top rafters. 

The trees were full of the 13 year cicada's. They were our entertainment in camp!  Well that and the neighbors.

Sunday we went sight seeing, and caught the Current River in several locations.

Sunday afternoon, things got a little hairy, storms moved in. Our daughter, a news producer in Oklahoma City kept us informed of the storms, including the Joplin disaster. We got a call from Kathy, who owns the camp ground, telling us about the sirens in town and where to go in case they went off. We slept with one eye open and one ear tuned to the sky.

Our hearts go out to those effected.

To see more on the Blacksmith meeting check out Osage Bluff  Blacksmith blog.


StitchinByTheLake said...

What a fun trip...we haven't gotten to go camping in ages and I'm missing it. When I park my car way out in the parking lot at WalMart so it won't get dinged I always come back to find one car parked right next to me with lots of empty spaces everywhere. That's like your neighbor! Why do they do that? blessings, marlene

Flat Creek Farm said...

Gosh, I'm glad you two are ok! Mr. PW asked me if PT & BT went to Doniphan. I said "I dunno". I must have been living in my usual cave. Great photos... looks like a perfect spot for a BAM meeting. Also, our JRT dog is dining on those cicadas, every chance she gets. Yuck! -Tammy

GerryART said...

Patti, sounds like you've experienced the weather by the sounds of your Schuck's trip and your camping stay.

Reading about your stay at the campground makes me think you had a very relaxing time with Hubby. It is nice to just get away for a while.


Colleen said...

Im so jealous of you and your Casita! I enjoy hearing of your trips. Some day I will have my own! Doesnt it drive you crazy about your neighbors? They could of at least put a spot or two between you.

Val said...

It is so nice to be without the bells and whistles sometimes. Looks llike you had a great time. Those neighbors were wanting some friends!!! lol

Rural Revival said...

You guys are like us, we go remote and end up surrounded. : )

Still looks like fun!

Marge said...

I'm glad you posted. I was wondering if you were close to the wicked weather. It's been quite the spring, hasn't it!

We are moved, but not completely settled, so there is work to do this weekend, and no time for camping! You may have to camp for me for a little while...

Blessings, my friend. Stay safe.

Kevin and Ruth said...

We have asked that same question as well "Why park right next door?" when the whole park is available. We just don't get it, yet it always happens.

Hope they are quiet.

Kevin and Ruth

Dar said...

The Casita, camping, no phones, a little forging, rambling river, sounds like heaven to me.
Love your gardens, flowers, grandloves and Belated Anniversary to you two lovies. Thanks always, for stopping by.

Zoey said...

It looks like you had a beautiful serene campsite -- well, at least for half a day!

I bet you needed that Casita quilt for warmth on this trip.

I am glad to hear that the terrible storms passed you by. I was wondering about you when I saw the Joplin devestation.

Deanna said...

Somehow I missed this post. I had to laugh when you said someone pulled in right next to you, when the entire camp ground was empty. I would have been a little (lot) upset with them.

The cicadas are getting louder by the day. It is one time that living in the middle of the woods isn't so great.

So you have a wreath like mine... it will be really scary if you also made yours!