Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goodbye old neighbors!

I still remember the fall day when I got a call from my friend, Rosie.  She asked if I knew of any houses in our area for sale.  Her son Eric and his fiance' were looking.  I explained to her, available houses were hard to find in this area, but I'd keep my eyes and ears open. 

We have been friends with Rosie and her husband for almost 40 years.  Our kids knew their kids.  The guys have fished and hunted together forever. 

Skip forward to the next day. On my drive home from work I saw a sign that had just gone up on a house a block from our private drive.  I immediately called Rosie.  She in turn called Eric.  Long story short, they were the first on the list of many, to look at the house the following Saturday. 

Eric and Kathy bought the house, worked on making it suit their taste, got married, and moved in. 

Their theme was the outdoors.  Eric loves to hunt, fish, and trap, plus he's a taxidermist. I made this wall hanging as a house warming present. 

Living on the river we spent many weekends boating with them. We'd pack a picnic and hit the water. 

This is daughter "Mac" (Mackenzie), about the year they moved in. 

In 2007, they found out they were expecting.  I made this quilt, for the new soon to be born baby.  Colten was born in August. 

 He went on the river with us from little on. 

Many Saturday nights we'd attend church and then go eat Mexican at either my choice of LaBamba, or Eric's choice of Santa Cruz. Kathy and I had many good times enjoying our frozen Margaritas!

Colten grew . . .

 . . .and "Mac" turned into "Kenzie", a young lady.  She will be driving in 2 short months. 

They are a beautiful family. 

And now they have a beautiful new home.

Of course, I had to make them a new house warming present.  This is a wall hanging that I have made before, but it's always a challenge. The blacksmith forged the rod and hooks.

I even pieced the date in camouflage, marking the year of the new house.

Note all the pieces, all 717 of them, all sewn with many memories of the fun we have had with this family.  I will always remember the sewing I did for Kathy and Mac, mending school clothing, taking in formal dresses, lending formal dresses, borrowing Eric for an extra hand a time or two, and phone calls regarding neighborhood events or even tornadoes in the area.  

They will be missed. But I know Kathy is always just an email away. Even if we travel to their new home, it's a short country drive, one county over. 

Love you guys!

Now come back soon and I will tell you about the NEW neighbors!


Zoey said...

It must be sad to lose such wonderful neighbors. I can tell you really loved them by all the work you put into their welcome gifts.

I think you and the blacksmith must be great neighbors, so I am sure the new owners will become friends as well.

Janet said...

Sounds like you all were lucky to have each other as neighbors. Good luck to them on their move and to you on getting to know your new neighbors!

Barb said...

I enjoyed your story and you wall hanging will go wonderfully in their new home.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Interesting post! Good neighbors are a real blessing. I am sure they treasure all the beautiful works of art you've made for them. I have a question: Where do you find the time to do all of the sewing and still work away from home? You amaze me with all the things you do.

Karen said...

Good luck to your friends in their new home, which is my husband's dream home!

Their gifts are such a treasure, you done good :-)

Nezzy said...

Sounds like you've had the perfect friendship and wonderful neighbors over the years.

You are a great friend to of tackled that beautiful wall hangin'. Great job.

Hopefully you'll make many trips to their new home.

God bless and have an awesome day sweetie!!!

Carla K said...

What a great tribute to your neighbors and wow, how beatiful are your hangings and quilts? You truly have a gift.

Joycee said...

Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold! All those beautiful quilts will go with them...

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh It's always hard to say goodbye to good folks!! But I'm sure the new people will be wonderful too! (Now, if my neighbors move, I just might have to move with them!!) Your quilts are gorgeous! I love that bear one.

GerryART said...

Our young neighbors have their house up for sale.
They've been great neighbors. Even with the visiting cows last month.