Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cranky kept me entertained . . . no electricity today!

As we went to bed Monday night, snow was coming down fast. Big wet flakes were falling. I woke at 2:30 AM to no electricity. 

At 7:00 AM I went outside. I first saw this tree across our road. I thought it might be the reason for no electricity. 

This is how we made breakfast. Of course this was after we got the chain saw started to cut the tree off the road, put chains on the tractor, and shoveled a path out the front door. 

Later to entertain myself I used Cranky to make another quilt top. What you see here is just half of it. The other half is on the back side of the banister.

Another 6 inches of wet snow on the 6 or so inches we already had, made for some tough removal. More might be on the way tonight. Tomorrow will be a work day for me. I work at the Electric Cooperative. At one point today they had 4500 customers without service. Back up crews have been called in from other cooperatives.  

Power at our house was restored 13 hours later. Many thanks go out to the linemen who are working long hard hours.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh, *I* see, you and Cranky have a thang goin' on.. lol. Love the quilt top.. you have kept Cranky quite busy today! Photos are just gorgeous! You and BT stay warm and safe...

Marge said...

Would you believe that us folks way up north here in Minnesota have only had 23 inches of snow this year. Total of 23 inches! Biggest storm was maybe 6 inches. I think we need to move south to get in on the snow!

treadlemusic said...

You all have been in the "bull's eye" this year!! Heavy/wet snow is never a good combo! Last night we escaped with only a dusting but just East of the Mississippi and South it's serious (Milwaukee/Lake Michigan, etc). Stay safe....Glad you are so prepared (and Cranky is "in house"!). Hugs, Doreen

Zoey said...

Holy smokes, Patti, your weather sounds like mine used to be...it has not been so bad the last few years.

We have had more ice than snow this year.

It looks like you are well prepared to cook, etc. without electricity. Having Cranky certainly helps to pass the time.

The fresh white stuff looks pretty, but I know it's not that much fun with no electricity for 13 hours! Take care, my friend...keep safe.

Deanna said...

Not any can claim they put a quilt top together while the electricity was out! F

You would think the CoOp would take better care of their own! Lol. Just talked to son and they are still without power.

Deanna said...

That was supposed to be many... Typing on iPad

GerryART said...

There was concern here that the neighbor's tree may not be able to stand with that wet snow. One of theirs took out our power, phone and cable several years back. Not an adventure we'd like to repeat.
Luckily, all went well and we're enjoying the wintery views out our windows with birds feeding at the feeder.

Dar said...

Wow, girl, you really got pounded. We had plenty too but not so wet to pull the trees limbs to the ground and put power out...glad you're back in service. The longest we were ever out in the bitter winter was a week. That called for snow removal to the cabin to get the generator.
Blessings and StayWarm

Lise said...

Wow, that kind of snow makes snow not much fun...I hope you all have recovered from all that mess. Stay warm and safe:)