Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The weekend at John C. Campbell Folk School

Classes are over on Friday afternoon. Dinner is served at 6.  Students depart either after this evening meal or after Saturday morning breakfast.  Well not for us, we were there for two weeks. 

We were staying in our Casita in the now deserted campground.  Luckily for us our friend Bob, who would be teaching with Bernie the following week, was also still in town. 

First thing on Saturday,  we went together to a tag sale that we had checked out earlier in the week. We had been told more items would be added every day. We left empty handed as we saw nothing new. 

Bob asked us if we wanted to stop at the music shop, Kelischek Studios. George Kelischek speaks with a heavy German accent. We were the only ones in the big studio.  Mr. Kelischek picked up every instrument we asked about and started playing it. 

 These are flutes made from horns. Most of them were from African cows. 

The tiny violins were amazing. I do believe a 3 year old would be the right size for one of these. 

Hammer dulcimers, something I've found interesting for a long time. 

 Harps, gracing the shelf. 

This was Mrs. Kelischek's garden just outside the front door.

Later in the day Bob took us to see Brasstown potter Rob Withrow. What a delight this was. Rob makes the biggest face jugs I have ever seen. 

These two guys were hanging out in the kiln, just waiting for a second firing. He told us how he throws them in session of rings, and then joins them together. 

  Another view in the kiln. 

 This jug was inside the shop ready for sale. It was maybe 30 inches tall.

Rob then asked me how my pottery throwing class had gone the previous week. He decided to give me a quick lesson. In no time I threw 3 almost perfectly straight pots. We then discussed a little business. He will be making some coffee cups with logos for the Blacksmith Association of Missouri. 

The rest of the day we just enjoyed each others company. On Saturday night we enjoyed a lovely dinner at the home of Blind pig and the acorn

The girls gave us a private after dinner, concert!  Great entertainment Chitter and Chatter! 
Also during the weekend I might have sewed on my featherweight in the Casita!!

What a peaceful, enjoyable, relaxing, weekend in Brasstown!


Tipper said...

Love the pots Rob makes-and well everything else he makes too : ) I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay in Brasstown-you make us sound so good we need to hire you as a community representative : )

Lise said...

I love Tipper's comment, I agree with her...maybe you could start a sideline as a Brasstown promoter:)