Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday evening

We've had a busy weekend!  We were at the Columbia Missouri Heritage Festival. It was the most beautiful weather. 

We hauled 8 big totes full of iron work. Lucky for us we sold a bunch!  

Our friend Scott (who is also a blacksmith) demonstrated both days too. He made bread and baked it on site over an open campfire. He sent us home with bread both nights. 

Believe me when I said we were tired tonight. I warmed up our venison stew and served Scott's bread with it. What a meal! If you'd like the recipe for the venison beer stew, visit my friend Lise for her recipe. Trust me when I say you will never know you are eating venison. 

We stopped to take this shot as we were driving out of Nifong park. 

If you came to the festival, thank you. If not we missed you. Next weekend we will be in Jefferson City at Munichburg. Come see us there.

Life is good!


Flat Creek Farm said...

It was fun, and gorgeous weather - wish we could have stayed longer! -Tammy

Lise said...

Woo hoo, I'm glad you liked the stew recipe, thanks for the shout out:). Yours looks perfectly delicious! And congrats on the successful show, nothing better than selling the things you've made with love!

Deanna said...

Wish we could visit you at Old Munich, but Alley Springs is calling us :)