Monday, January 20, 2014

Quilt in a day . . . maybe less

Saturday my SIL and I went fabric shopping. She is redoing her 30 year old bedroom (sorry Larraine, I didn't just say that). She had brought up her idea for a quilt last week and I figured the amount of fabric she needed to purchase. 

We first hit the quilt shop where she had found some fabric she thought would work. There we played and played with bolts. It was decided to go get a sample of her new carpet and come back. 

Off to Lowe's we went. For a fee of $25, she could borrow a sample. 

As we went out to the car, two ladies were handing out free chicken sandwiches courtesy of Chick-fil-a.  Their newest restaurant is set to open this week, in Lowe's parking lot. Not only did we get a nice free hot sandwich, we were also given a gift card for another one!


Back to Winn-ing-Quilt shop we went. She bought about 12 yards of 5 different fabrics for. Did I mention this bed is BIG?  It's a California king.  Larraine wanted the quilt to go all the way to the floor. The final size is 120 inches by 133 inches. 

On Sunday morning, I started cutting the fabric.  She called me about 11 and said they weren't going to be home for the afternoon.  I went into fast mode.  By 2 o'clock I had the top entirely pieced together. 

Brady, (the oldest grandson), and I made the 2 mile trip to Larraine's house. No one was home, just as I had hoped. 

We quickly threw it on the bed, snapped a picture, and drove off. 

I then sent her a text message that I thought she had messed up the measurements. I wanted her to measure it as soon as she got home and call me.

When she arrived home about 8 PM Sunday evening, she opened her bedroom door, and this is what she saw!  (Sorry, I didn't smooth it too well.) 

She will now have it machine quilted.  I can see different quilting patterns in each row, What do you think?  Wouldn't that be neat?

The funny thing is that she stewed all day while away from home about her measurements.  Surely she hadn't made a mistake. 

Here is what I sewed the entire quilt on, my 1919 Singer red-eye!

While we were out and about, we checked out a new Mexican bakery in town, Mi Pueblo. I saw in their ad that they were selling tamales in the bakery!  Go figure? 

We bought a dozen each, half chicken and half pork. 

They were delicious!  

Off to some more quilt piecing today! 


Flat Creek Farm said...

Ah-mazing! Beautiful quilt in record time (why am I not surprised). Wonder why we can't have a Chick-Fil-A in our L's parking lot?! I know 2 fellas who would like that - a lot.
btw, when I have a real sewing room, I want one of those wonder machines - it scores high on the purty factor too! -T

twodraftmom said...

Yes, definitely some great textured quilting designs.. you can even do different sizes in the sections.. large to small and back. that looks great.

Lise said...

First, you amaze me with your quilting skills...all in a day??? The quilt is awesome, I'm sure you SIL loved it! Second, you are the winningest person I've ever known! Yeah for you:)

GerryART said...

A big 'Hurrah' on all things in your post

First and foremost you are
one terrific
Video star
Singer lover
Chick-Fil-A scorer

Three cheers all the way 'round, gal!


Gayla Hickey said...

How lucky is "baby Eve" to receive such a beautiful, handcrafted, stitched with love quilt. Great job.

Dar said...

Your intricate Charms are wonderful. I must say, I haven't ever seen anything like them. Amazing!
And your sewing machine collection is captivating. I have a couple cabinets but without the machines. What year are the dome covered ones or are they the same machine before and after restoration???
I think my Grandmother had one like that. Curious.