Saturday, July 25, 2015

I've been interviewed

Al and Connye Griffin came to Osage Bluff a couple of weeks ago to interview the quilter and the blacksmith.   They are a sweet couple from Lake of the Ozarks (about 25 miles away) who are writing the lives and stories of local people. We met them through a cousin who gives tours of the old Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City.

Connye and Al, like to stay in the area of Highway 54 that goes across the state of Missouri and beyond. By reading their blog you can find some very interesting people and places, including some fine dining establishments. Al is a professional photographer and Connye was in the language department in Moore Oklahoma's schools.

So I hope will not only go and read the post they did about me: Osage Bluff Quilter, but read their other stories too. You will find lots of interesting things!

I love this picture Al took. I didn't tell Connye and Al, but this isn't all of my quilts, because they won't all fit in there!

Better yet, the Osage Bluff Blacksmith's story will be coming soon!

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Down On The Farm said...

That is a great article Patti. You are extremely talented and your quilts are just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the link!!