Monday, December 26, 2016

Connor turns 4!!!

Turning 4 means Grandma and Grandpa has to take a trip to sunny Florida. I must say in the 4 years we've been traveling there, the weather was the best this time.

The family has moved to a new town, a new house, and a new neighborhood that is wonderful. 

The association park is located about 7 house away. This is the coolest swing ever. The parent and the child swing together! I might have liked it even more that Logan?!?!?

The birthday boy climbed to the top of the mountain with a little help from Grandpa. As Logan runs away in the back ground.

One night we went to eat at Servando's . Connor  played with my ipad. I later found this picture he took of us.

Winter Garden has the biggest and best farmer's market I have ever been to.

There were row and rows of tents. I saw lots of food trucks too!  Wish our town would have  food truck!

Connor got to try his hand at hula hooping.

The is this great back drop for photographs. Guess we should have tried it later in the day. The sun was just way too bright.

The birthday theme was super heroes. Captain America is his favorite.

Publix's did a great job on the cake.

Doesn't everyone wear a helmet when playing the Go Fish game?  That game was a big hit. It came from his Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Lori in Missouri.

One day we went to the historical downtown area. Grandpa and Connor posed for a picture.

We found this train that you could make it move by touching a particular spot on the window.

Another day we took the Sunrail train to Winter Park.

At Winter Park we went for a boat ride.

Connor loved the ride, it took us by beautiful mansions.

Logan on the other hand wasn't so happy. He didn't like being in the life jacket which didn't look comfortable at all, not to mention that it was hot for him. The boat captain was a complete a--. Apparently he never had children, couldn't stand children, had no patients . . . and was down right rude. After we returned from the 3 hour ride (Insert the Gilligan's Islands theme song), the captain declared everyone would be receiving a refund or reissued tickets. When we returned home we wrong a complaint letter. In the end they did refund Sarah's money ;) We will not be recommending them to anyone.

The boys always enjoy the train ride.

I made Connor a super hero quilt for his bed. That night as I laid him down, he said "Grandma, I like my new quilt!  Melt my heart son!

His Mom and Dad gave him his first big boy bicycle.

I left you with our farewell front yard picture. It's always a must!

Until next time boys!  Miss you!


Down On The Farm said...

Beautiful family. I love seeing everyone in shorts!!! No shorts here for a long time!!!

Dar said...

What a fun trip to Florida. Enjoyed seeing the boys and you too. We have a Connor in our family too, he's 2 yrs. old.