Thursday, December 26, 2019

The true meaning of Christmas

December 20th, 2018 . . . . Lizzie (who was 9 years old at the time )and I  were driving into town, when she said, "I can't wait till I'm old enough to get a debit card."  Why I asked?  She said, "So I can buy my mom and dad some Christmas presents."

A few weeks later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The blacksmith and I talked about what we would be facing. Knowing I might need some extra help, I told him what Lizzie had said. We decided to offer her a deal.  If she would help me/us we would pay her a small amount.   I set up a plan to pay for things like emptying the dishwasher, cooking, dusting, taking drinks to grandpa in the shop, vacuuming the vehicles, staying off Youtube, sewing, setting the table, and other things. 

She knew how to set up a spread sheet on the computer. Grandpa helped her with the column totals. 

She was a worker, always asking what she could do. This was a secret between her and us. No one else knew. 

In the summer time she asked if she could make something for her brothers for Christmas. She explained what she wanted to make and she looked through my bins of fabric. She found Cardinal fabric for Brady and Chiefs for Alex. She cut out 3 pockets for each banner in coordinating  fabric. I helped her with the loops on top. She made the banners to hold their pocket change, billfolds, and cell phones. These she sewed all on a hand crank Singer 1931 Singer sewing machine.  December 23, she FORGED the 4 hooks to hang them on the wall with!!!

Fast forward to December 20th 2019, She counted  her money and had collected over $70. (She knows exactly how much!!)  I took her to Walmart where she had a list of things she wanted. In a few quick hours we visited 2 Walmarts, Menards, Lowes, Westlakes and Dollar General.  

4 days until Christmas and she was so excited!!!!!  She printed off the 3 page spread sheet to have to show her parents. 

Here she is posing with all her gifts, which she intentionally did not put a name on. She knew which color of ribbon went to who.

After all the family gifts were opened, she said well there are still presents under the tree . . . . 
She then said they were from her and we told how they came about. (I might have been in tears)

Mom opening the picture frame that Lizzie explained was a family item, as it has a family verse on it. 

Mom and Dad I think were stunned.

Here is what she bought for Mom and Dad. I let her do all the shopping, including the sarcasm t-shirt, she knows her daddy well!

She's telling him be careful, don't cut too deep.

Brady's wall hanging

Alex's wall hanging.

To say we are proud of her is an understatement. It's not the fact that she helped us, it's how caring and giving she is.  Her parents have done a beautiful job raising her and her brothers. 

God is good.


Lise said...

Lizzie is a special young lady, which is no surprise, considering her grandparents.

Down On The Farm said...

What a beautiful story. You should be so proud of her. She comes from good stock and I have no doubt she will continue to grow into a wonderful young lady!! You are a very blessed mom and grandma!!