Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve auction

My office always closes early on Christmas eve and we have a great time raising funds for those in need.

Today has extra special meaning. One of our own is ill. Frank was diagnosed with leukemia several months ago. He will have a bone marrow transplant after the first of the year.

We made up this basket and it sold at the auction for $650. Another basket sold for $300. One game of blackout bingo raised $250. The managers threw in $500 and together Frank was given over $2000!

This is Frank looking at his cash.

The rest of the auction money would be divided among families in the area with needs. That is after the Coop matches our donations.

Lots of employees make items to auction off. Joe is an excellent carver. This is his coon dog he carved. It sold for $300 and was bought by Bradley.

Joe also turned a beautiful cedar bowl which sold for $150. Some times he brings split oak baskets. He splits the wood and his wife weaves them. They are always a hit and are greatly desired.

BT had donated a hand forged steak turner, forged cork screw and a garden shovel. These items bought in $117.00. My 6 pint jars of Blackberry jelly made $60.

Many, many items were sold, homemade pies, a hand crochet baby afghan, used office furniture, well used tools, fishing poles, moon shine, plenty of Missouri made wine and lots of gift baskets.

Here is Wegman with his basket featuring Victoria Secret undies. Of which he modeled for the camera.

Justin and his panties

Lunch was provided by a couple of employees coming in a 6 AM to BBQ ribs for us. They were melt in your mouth good!

This is Mike. Some day he will learn to never leave his soda on the table when going to the restroom. Someone punched a small hole just below the tab. When you drink it dribbles down your front. He took the joke well.

Today we spent a few hours with fellow employees, raising money for those in need, sharing good times and eating great food. Thanks to our employer for giving us this time to share the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas!

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