Monday, December 15, 2008

The sky is falling, the sky is falling

At 5:00PM today the temperature was 61 degrees,
at 5:20 it was 48.2
5:40 44.1
5:45 42.3
6:00 40.3
6:20 37.9
6:45 36.3
8:00 32.4 and it is raining. Freezing rain is coming down. They are calling for a winter storm warning with ice and up to 3 inches of snow. I work for an Electric Cooperative. Do you know what this means to us? OVERTIME

Otherwise it was a beautiful weekend. BT and I worked in the backyard all day Saturday. While he used the chain saw to take down the trees, I piled the brush. The wind was gusting up to 40 MPH. Sometimes the brush beat me back to the ground before I got it to the top of the pile.

Saturday night after church, we met Eric, Kathy and little Colten at LaBamba. I had something new to me, Taco al Pastor. OMG were they good. It's pork marinated and they cook it with pineapple. They put that inside their homemade flour tortillas. Yummy! I just hope it's on the menu next time. This time it was their evening special!

Here is what I found on Google about them. Taco al Pastor. How did we ever live without google?

Sunday I got up and set the dough for Fast Nacht Kuchens. If you have ever been to New Orleans and had beniegts at Cafe Du Monde, then you know what I'm talking about. Such a treat on Sunday mornings.

After breakfast, I did a little house work. I finally got some "me" time and got to sew all afternoon. I finished the panels for two wall hangings I am making for Rita, the RVer. Hopefully I will get them quilted this week. A picture will follow then.

While I was sewing, BT was in the blacksmith shop. He made me a couple of things for our charity auction at work on Christmas eve.

The first thing is a wizard corkscrew. I will package it with a nice bottle of wine. Shown in the picture is a bottle of Adam Puchta wine. That's a winery near Hermann Missouri. It use to be my favorite wine. That is until I grew up and now I enjoy a Merlot.

Here is a steak turner he made. BT also makes the best homemade charcoal. It is awesome when grilling steaks. I am going to group it with a big sack of the charcoal and make a personal label for the charcoal.

Last he made a garden shovel. I hope I can find a pair of garden gloves, maybe a package or two of seeds to go with a nice little basket. The Cooperative I work for, matches the dollar amount from the sale of the items. The money is then donated to local organizations or needy families.

Well it's now down to 29.1...........Brrrrrrrrrrr


Tipper said...

Sounds like you've both been busy little elves!

Zoey said...

Now those are some unique items! I hope they fetch a good price for the auction.

I have never seen a steak turner before. I enlarged it to get a better look. Is the purpose to flip the meat without piercing it so the juices stay inside?