Friday, January 16, 2009

My new best friend

Well it's a temporary friend. My daughter introduced me to Pumpkin Pie Spice Coffee creamer. We tried to find it in her town after the holidays, but there was no Pumpkin flavor to be found.

When I returned to Mid-Mo I happened to mention it to my co-worker, Julie. Last night she was shopping at Target and saw it in the dairy case. Not only did she call me to ask if I wanted some, but she delivered it to my front door. What a friend!

No she's not the temporary friend, the creamer is. It's only here for the holidays. But I have three bottles now, and they don't expire until May 2009!

Oh and I forgot to tell you, put this creamer in a strong cup of Java, and it taste just like the expensive stuff at Starbucks. It's even good in a latte, OMG Pumpkin Lattes!

Thanks Julie!

Speaking of friends, I lost an old friend several weeks ago. We had been friends since the very early 70's. We met at T.G.&Y. For you that don't know, that was a really cool Five and Dime store. It sold everything from fabric, clothing, pot and pans, Matchbox cars for 55 cents, jewelry. It was like the super duper wal-marts of today. Only much more friendly.

That is where I purchased this friend for my hope chest.

Yes this 1 cup measuring cup. But as faith would have it, we have been reunited. Yes she's a little more tattered and worn. It seems somehow during the holiday baking, she got lost and ended up in the trash burn barrel. There she hid out for about 3 weeks.

Earlier in the week, I was outside and happened to glance in the burn barrel and there she layed. Crying out for my help. I took her inside where I gentley brushed the soot off with a brillo pad. BT used a soft wooden handle to smooth out her wrinkles and we soaked her in some vinegar. Once again she will grace my kitchen drawer. I only hope she can be by my side another 39 years.


StitchinByTheLake said...

I'm truly sorry about your friend.
I have a flour sifter that I got as a wedding present and that I still use - fond memories after 44 years. blessings, marlene

Tipper said...

I'm so sorry about your friend.

I love the pumpkin creamer too-yum! Something to help drag me from the bed each morning.

mjnauert said...

The pumpkin creamer is also great if you substitute it for the milk in your bread pudding recipe...

I love the facelift that your little friend received. I am going to go soak in vinegar and see if that wooden spoon trick works for me too.

Zoey said...

Your friend looks pretty good after your tender loving care.

I love that pumpkin spice creamer, too. I have been using it since November. My bottle is almost gone so I probably won't have it again until next fall.