Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A sew Day

If I were a kid, that would be like a snow day! Actually here today,, it's both.

Here are the two lap quilts I completed for my sister. Mother embroidered the horse blocks and I put them together and then machine quilted them.

Here is a darling baby quilt I just finished piecing. It has a total of 1063 pieces in it. You might think it's for the princess we are expecting in April. Well it could be. However there is a
co-worker's of BT that is expecting her second child. If it's a girl she will get this. Otherwise, you can bet the granddaughter will get it.
Now I need to piece a blue one, just in case the co-worker has a boy!
Happy sewing.
18 degrees and sleeting~~~~~~~~~


Mel said...

That's a lot of pieces for a baby quilt! It's beautiful!

Zoey said...

I didn't realize the pink one was a log cabin until I enlarged it. What a cute setting.

I wish I could have a Sew Day today. I am really in the mood to stay home and paper piece.

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Hi there...thank you for visiting!!! Perhaps you are having a Princess in April...I was born in April...a very very good month!!! Lovely quilt there!!! I laughed about the dental floss...my Hubby thought I should say more than just thongs!!! I don't know Henley Brook...it's not around my area...perhaps in South Australia??? Do you know which State???...Happy Quilting, Dzintra

Kathy said...

Wow those are beautiful quilts. I have always envied people who could quilt. =) Beautiful work.

tipper said...

Love both the quilts-but especially the first since your mom embroidered the blocks. Stay warm!!

Linda said...

Congratulations on your exciting news as well!! My son kept saying princess last night so I giggled when I read the quilt may or may not go to your princess. It sounds like she will be just as loved as ours!!

I am assigned the job of helping with the nursery as well. Once my DIL picks out the bedding, I can get busy!!

Worknprogress said...

WOW! what treasured keepsakes! especially the one for your sister with your's and your mom's handiwork.

hopefully you continue to stay warm and busy sewing these beautiful masterpieces!