Sunday, October 25, 2009

My weekend

Wow! What a busy weekend it's been at our house. Friday night our daughter Sarah and boyfriend Rusty came in from Oklahoma City. We, along with Jeremy and his family, met them at El Jimador restaurant.

The 9 of us took up a rather large table. We had so much fun that when the bill came, 8 year old Brady asked Grandpa if he could see it. To which he exclaimed . . . wow that's a lot!

Saturday we had a wedding to attend. BT and I picked up the granddaughter and took her along. Her mother was the photographer for the wedding.

It was the prettiest day we've had in Mid-Missouri for some time. The sun was out, the sky was blue and it was just a little bit cool. As we pulled up to the church, Lori was taking "before" pictures on the front lawn. The fall colors outside with the navy dresses were beautiful. Little did I know, the decorations for the wedding were also fall colors.

Here is a picture of the wedding cake. Each layer was a different flavor.

Chelsay, the bride, had the ribbons on her wedding dress monogrammed. The monogram was a combination of both her and John's initials.

The youngest niece of the groom was the flower girl. She was so proud of her dress. She was adorable!

Here is a picture of our wedding gift to them. The pattern for the paper pieced pattern came from the Quilts with Style Magazine, that is no longer in publication.

Sunday, the weather was just plain crappy, rain, drizzle and cold. We all pretty much stayed inside. Lori had picture appointments and Jeremy had trapping duties so we got the kids! Lori brought me a beef roast and I made a great big pot of vegetable soup.

While it cooked, Rusty and Brady played Wii.

Sarah worked a crossword puzzle.

Elizabeth was asking me what the password was.

After she figured it out, she went to town on the computer. Kids these days! They start younger and younger.

It's now almost bedtime. It is still raining. Sarah and Rusty are about an hour from home. Hope you all had a great weekend with your family.

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Zoey said...

What a lovely wedding gift. After I enlarged the label, I realized that BT had made the hanger. It's so great that you both had a hand in the personalized gift.

Flat Creek Farm said...

That is just the best wedding present ever. Love the quilt, and the handy dandy hanger!

Enjoyed hearing about your weekend. The pictures are wonderful. That Elizabeth - what a cutie.. she's really grown! -Tammy

Laurie said...

The wedding looked beautiful - the colors/cake/gowns were lovely. And thanks for sharing your weekend pictures - they brought a smile to my face :)

Life is good! said...

sounds like a lovely weekend! and what a beautiful wedding gift. lucky couple! aren't grandchildren just the grandest!