Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ozark Folk Center

Ozark Folk Center. Check it out!. It's a village full of crafters. We spent two days there. There is no amusement park theme to it, just good old fashioned crafts. The craftsmen and craft ladies are so ready to visit with you. You will love their accents and their hospitality.  A restaurant is on site with good country cooking (even though they were out of chicken and dumplings by the dinner meal).

The jewelry maker

Plant Market

The broom maker at work

The broom maker's wonderful works of art.

Marva, the country cook.
It's not her best picture, but she was a dream to visit with. She was making corn cakes that she shared with us. They were topped with either apple or peach preserves.

The pot rack in the country kitchen was made on site by the local blacksmith.
I wanted all of her skillets!

I would take her stove too, if she would have parted with it. However it was too warm to transport, she was actually using it!

Of course I've seen plenty of blacksmith shops, so no need to show this one.
 But the sign was unique.

Shannon cabin. Notice the smoke coming out of the chimney?

How did this picture get in here? 
So I will just tell you the fried pies were awesome.
Mine was peach. The blacksmith had cherry.  And they were still warm.

This guy was just hanging out while the old fashion carrousel with swings that he powered was being modified due to high winds.

Old time print shop. That press was so quiet!

The cooper was making wooden spoons, he said the market for spoons is more desirable than wooden buckets.

The spinning and weaving cabin.

The potter. Beautiful works, although I like cobalt blue pottery and not too many people do that. Therefore I left empty handed.

The candlestick maker. At least it's his shop, he's not in on the picture.

I bought this from the basket maker, Sharon Fernimen.
Can you guess what it is? 
It's to cover your plate of food to keep bugs and flies off!

An old fashioned foot lathe. This gentlemen made some wonderful wooden tops.

Every night we went back to the Folk Center for their music show.  It was 2 hours of pure bliss. Their music is so enjoyable (except for one lady who played the harp). Children and adult alike were invited at anytime to join on stage to dance.  Clogging or square dancing or whatever was fine. I only wish we lived closer to have season tickets.

The three boys in this group are the Cobb brothers. Sorry the video isn't picture clear, but you can still hear the music.


Janet said...

Looks like a great trip and a place that we would enjoy! Might have to add it to my list!

Val said...

This looks like my kind of place. Loved the clogging!!!

Marge said...

Isn't it fun? The first time we were there we spent two days, but this time we were only there one afternoon and then to the music show at night. We saw those same boys.... weren't they fun? I love the clogging or jigging. Glad you enjoyed it!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I bet it was a fun trip! I love to watch the cloggers. Always wished I could do that, it looks like so much fun!

Anke said...

Oh I'd love to visit that place!! Seeing all the craftsmen and women in action would be awesome!

Zoey said...

What a great food cover (I did know what that was). It will come in handy for dinners on the deck next summer.

That looks like a place we would love to go to. I would probably have bought a nice wooden spoon as I always use them for stirring.

Deanna said...

Just my kind of place. All of those looms and nobody spinning? I'll bet the rugs were beautiful.

If we'd all clog like those girls every day, nobody'd be overweight lol.

It looks like an awesome trip.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I want to go back right now. I had almost forgotten just how great it was! I ♥ the music, the donkey, the basket-cover, the home cooking.. all of it. That Blacksmith sign idea is a keeper. Great pic of you eating FRIED PIES!! Oh dang, may have to go back to Amish country really soon ;) Thanks for sharing.. awesome trip. -T