Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perry, Oklahoma

We've been on a road trip!!  Did ya miss me?  I know at least 2 of my blogging buddies looked for me. One called and one emailed to see if we were okay. Thanks guys! I don't know about you, but I never post on facebook or the blog that we are leaving home.

So over the next few days I will blog about our trip.

Our first 3 nights were in Perry, Oklahoma. There we attended the Saltfork Craftsman's Association annual blacksmith conference.  

We parked the Casita at Sooner's Corner RV park. A no frill park, no wifi, but full hook ups for $20 a night. Did I mention it was next to the Interstate and a truck stop?  Luckily we were below one of the few hills in the county and it really wasn't too noisy. Great weather, not too hot, not too cold for sleeping. The daytime weather, well that's another story.

I watched one really good looking blacksmith work both days. It wasn't my husband, but he was almost as good looking. He was Mark Aspery from the state of California, originally from England. I loved his accent. 

In their gallery I saw this fireplace screen. My blacksmith has made almost everything I wanted, except a screen. Had this been for sale it might have come home with me. Lucky for the husband it wasn't.

But lucky for us, our daughter and son in law were only an hour away. So Sunday afternoon we took off for their place about 2 o'clock. I was so busy catching up with them, I forgot to take a picture of the newlyweds or their brand new sofa that was delivered the day we got there.
I did snap a picture of the platform heels she bought for a wedding in Phoenix today. Oh to be young and wear those. It would be a dream for me. They were as adorable as the daughter wearing them!

We left Perry Monday morning. I snapped this picture while traveling through Tulsa.

Stayed tuned for more adventures.


Deanna said...

You're back!

I'd kill myself in those heels!

I don't tell people when we are going on a trip either... just not a smart way to go.

Glad you are home safe and sound!

Karen said...

How fun! and oh yes... to be young and wear shoes like those again. I just can't do it anymore... and stay sane.

Marge said...

I started to worry until I remembered a hint or two back when we were going on our trip, so I assumed you were on the road. Glad you are back. And hopefully you're not wearing those! I can't imagine! Of course, I am already 5 foot 9!!!


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I've wondered where you were! Glad you are back safe and sound and had a fun trip. Those heels make my feet hurt just looking at them....oh, to be young again! But I bet they look real spiffy on your daughter!

Zoey said...

At first I thought that was you in those gorgeous heels. I love heels, but, alas, I can't wear the really cute ones anymore either.

Glad you had a fun trip. I bet the blacksmith will make you that screen soon.

Val said...

How fun!!! I can't wait to hear more!!! If I wore those heels I would not be able to walk for several days. I remember those good old days when shoes were my I am a pajama girl!!!! lol

Flat Creek Farm said...

"I loved his accent." Whoa, baby!! ;) Great pics. I would break my neck, leg, and probably more wearing those heels. But dang, they sure are cute :D -Tammy