Sunday, January 15, 2012

An old cookbook

Today I decided to clean out my cookbook cabinet shelf. I came across a cookbook that belonged to my late aunt Tessie. 

This recipe gave us a good laugh.  A 10 cent bag of potato chips????  So I turned the cookbook over and saw it was dated 1955. The potato chip of our choice back then were  made by a fairly local company named Backers. They are still in business today! I remember in 1962 stopping at the local grocery market while walking home from school.  We could get nickel or dime candy bars and nickle and dime bags of chips too. Sodas were 10 cents with a 2 cents deposit. When you took the bottles back you could get your money back. In our case, we never took the cash. Earl's market had the best candy counter. 

More interesting things found in this old book were some  "hints". I'm going after my hand cream as soon as I'm finished typing! 

Speaking of recipes, a friend told me about this blackberry lush recipe the other day. So today I cut the recipe in half and made it for the blacksmith and me. OMG is it good. 

Here's the recipe!

To see what I did on Saturday check it out here. Osage Bluff Blacksmith.


Zoey said...

I remember .10 bags of chips and also returning bottles for penny candy.

The blackberry lush dessert looks good. I copied it. I have a bag of frozen mixed berries and this could be a good recipe to use some of them.

Jaclynn said...

Hi, I'm a young quilter and saw that you made a quilt using Margaret Rolfe's "A Quilter's Ark" pieces. I'm trying to get the book from the library, but it isn't coming, and I need to finish sewing my quilt within the next few days because I'm leaving my mom's house (and sewing machine) and I won't be back for at least 4 months! If you own that book and could send me scans of the elephant and zebra blocks I would be immensely grateful! Let me know! Thanks!

Karen said...

OOOh, that blackberry Lush looks luscious!.... and pretty easy.

the tuna casserole, I don't know if I could convince my crowd to eat it, but I bet it's actually tasty.

Annie said...

I, too, remember bottle deposits and penny candy. And really big Hershey bars for just a dime or 15 cents. :)

Not related to this post, but yesterday I made the Tacos Al Pastor recipe you post about a year ago. It was a little spicier than I expected, but it was delicious!

Deanna said...

That blackberry lush sounds scrumptious!

I ran across a similar recipe recently. A little old lady who shopped at Schultes when Jim worked there in 1970 gave it to him. Her directions was to use a 49 cent bag of pecans. Good luck with that! Love old recipe books!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I think I have some blackberries in the freezer - I better look. :) blessings, marlene

Nezzy said...

What a treasure that old cookbook is! I have one of my Granny Walden's dated 1939, the pages are so brittle I've enclosed the whole book in plastic.

I can see how that fab dessert got it's does look 'lush'!!! MMmmmm!!!

You have a brightly blessed and beautiful day sweetie!!! :o)

Jaclynn said...

Hi - thanks for getting back to me. Sorry I forgot to put my email! Oops! I was able to figure out a pattern by looking at pictures of other peoples' finished products very closely, and I think things turned out okay. Thanks for your willingness to help, though!

tipper said...

What a treasure that cookbook is-the blackberry dish looks yummy too : )