Thursday, May 24, 2012

An 8th Birthday party with limits!

Alex had his first "friends" birthday party last Sunday. Eight kids made it complete. 

There were water fights, trampoline time, and pinata time!

This guy loves Legos so his mother incorporated it into the lemon cake that he requested!

Birthday boy was the one that finally broke the pinata open.

Last year we started a new tradition, thanks to Deanna at My Loves, My life for the idea. We take each child birthday shopping for a toy in addition to the money they receive in their card. 

After Alex read his certificate and thought about it he came and asked us, "does a toy mean something out of the electronic department?" I told him sure, what was he thinking?  He replied "an I-Pod Touch".  I gulped and said, "Alex there are limits". For those of you who don't know, an I-Pod Touch runs about $199.99 plus tax plus insurance or so he told me!

Wednesday we took him shopping.  Of course he found more Legos. 

Happy 8th birthday Alex!


Dar said...

What good grandparents you are. I thought the iPod Touch was even more expensive. That's how much I know! It looks like Alex had a very fun 8th birthday party. He's a lucky guy.

Doreen said...

They grow up faster these days than when we were their age. Saving allowance dimes/quarters resulted in a $3 purchase (maybe)but not today! I always gave my 2 boys the choice of having friends for a sleepover party or taking a couple friends to a pizza place with all the birthday trimmings. Secretly I kinda hoped for the 2nd as I worked very full time and DH was on the road trucking, but they always chose the overnight here on the farm with all the usual running "amuck" at all hours, homemade pizza and cake. Would have missed many great memories if we would have gone 'out'. So long ago! Thanks for the memories!!! hugs, Doreen

GerryART said...

Oh, what a gaggle of guys!!!
Birthday Day Parties are the Best!
Especially when a guy turns eight!

Deanna said...

Somehow I missed this post, Patti. Jim pointed it out to me. Isn't it fun taking them shopping? I don't know who enjoys it more - us or the grandkids. And yea, we've had to have the limits discussion too. Travis wanted an iPod a few years ago. He also ended up with Legos, which I find to be ironic. I should take stock out in Legos, considering how many I've bought over the years!

It looks like Alex had a memorable birthday.