Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BAM conference 2012

We took off for the Missouri State Fair grounds last Wednesday.  Our little Casita was so enjoyable for the  5 days we spent there.  Of course at times it was dwarfed among the rather large RVs close by. 

I ran the boutique every day and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with all the blacksmiths. At times my blacksmith (in the gray shirt) gave me a helping hand.

This impressive sign stood guard next to the boutique.

At the FFA building, baskets were being woven.

 A broom class was also going on.

On two of the nights an impromptu meal was put together. Here Ken grills his homemade venison brats and hot dogs. 

The blacksmiths enjoy the brats, hot dogs, Phil's awesome baked beans, and my turnip kraut with potatoes. I would bet this becomes a tradition from now on. Oh, I almost forgot, Karen's cookies and Don's pecan tarts rounded out the meal.

The conference would not be the same if Roger didn't come.  He's always riding his bike around.  You could say he wears many different hats. . . . 

 . . . . and outfits too.

My blacksmith was totally surprised when he was awarded a Life Membership.  He was one of the original founding members back in 1984.

And look what I came home with!  Farm fresh eggs.  There are even two green ones!  Thanks Margie!!


Marge said...

Love those farm fresh eggs! The conference looks like a lot of fun. You do have the most fun adventures!

Lise said...

This looks like a great tme! And I love the BAM sign, beautiful! Congrats to your Blacksmith:)

GerryART said...

Looks like a great get-together.
With wonderful weather to boot.

Down On The Farm said...

So glad you got to go, and that you had a great time!!!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

It was awesome.. great report and pics, PT! And many congrats to BT on the honor.. well deserved!! -Tammy