Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Child labor again!

 Corn shucking 2011

Corn shucking 2012.

Wow!  Now we see how much they've grown in a year. Again, they were good little helpers. 

After shucking, cleaning, cutting, and cooking corn we ended up with 22 quarts in the freezer. We think that's really good considering the weather we've been having this summer. 

Corn took us from 7:15 AM picking time to 5:00 PM  freezing time. I then made a little dinner of bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches with some fresh corn on the cob. There would be no rest for us. After that, we made 14 pints of chili sauce.  The blacksmith then made 4 pounds of deer jerky. Ah to lay in bed and smell jerky cooking all night!  However I really think I will be tired enough to sleep right through it!



Dar said...

That corn on the cob is my favorite summer food, along with good, sweet watermelon, and tomatoes, and anything fresh from the garden!! ha
You did well with the amount of corn. My friends around here did not fair very well -- very small ears, and not filled in.

You were right, the kiddos sure have grown from one year to the next.!

Zoey said...

Your pantry will be well stocked this winter. I hear price of corn will skyrocket, so you will be very happy that you made the effort.

Marge said...

Our sweet corn is just starting here, and it's not looking very good. I will be at the Farmer's Market first thing tomorrow and Saturday, hoping to get a little bit for the freezer. After eating a few on the cob first. The canned and frozen stuff is going to be worth it's weight in gold this winter if we don't get some rain soon. It's so dry...garden is suffering horribly.

Annie said...

This is our first year planting corn, and we didn't plant much. The first ears are just about ready.

I've gotta know two things:

1) How do you get the kids to help? Kat loses interest in about 3 minutes.

2) Where do you get your energy? The corn alone woulda wiped me out, let alone the chili sauce and jerky.

Flat Creek Farm said...

22 qts in this heat and drought is amazing!! You must have the best stocked pantry around (I am certain of that). And it's incredible how those grandkids have grown in one year. This is something they will always remember and treasure - in spite of the child labor ;) -Tammy

GerryART said...

Sounds like a labor-intensive day for ALL ! ! !


Deanna said...

We were so hoping our farmer friend would have his "corn for sale" sign out soon. So far, no luck. You are very lucky to have a crop.

The kids have grown so much in one year!

Jim made deer jerky last week for our trip to the coast. I smelled it all night long, too. Yum!

I think you and I could write a best seller book on child labor ;)