Friday, January 4, 2013

Signs of Winter

Frost flowers!

Free popsicles!

Life is good!


Dar said...

Very strange looking frost flowers...and how I remember free icicles. Life IS good.
Did we happen to be at the same auction? I found that on the net...but it looks exactly like the one you have...too wild. Ya never makes me wonder if every pic I've posted is out there somewhere for the whole world to see...don't think I'll post any of me.
Loved the surprise on your Mom's face to see her military grandsons on her birthday. So precious.
Have a great year Patti.

Anonymous said...

Love the free popsicles pictures! LOL

Lise said...

I've never seen frost flowers before! And that free popsicle is huge...haven't seen them grow that big here yet!

I think it's awesome that we have both posted about know what they say, brilliant minds think alike:)

Deanna said...

Yes, maam, life IS good!