Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fabric shopping in Excelsior Missouri, and a few quilts thrown in

Last Saturday we had a blacksmith meeting in Excelsior, Missouri.  It's a Mennonite community. Nancy, another blacksmith's wife, and I had nothing to do but go shopping. 

Excelsior Fabrics is in a new beautiful building since I had been there last. They have a rather unique way of displaying their fabric. Their prices are awesome. Name brand fabrics under $6 a yard. You can buy quilting batting by the roll, a VERY big roll too. I think she said the price was around $69 and you can make 9 big quilts from one roll. What a bargain!

I took a picture of this barbed wire fabric for my friend Margie.

At Pleasant Valley Quilts,  I saw more black fabrics for Margie too. She is wanting to make a red and black bow tie quilt.  I just wanted to show her some options.

Look at the quilting in this block. It was quilted with a deep red thread. Perfectly spaced stitches.

I never looked at the prices of these quilts. I was too busy just admiring their beauty.

At Martin Goods and Gifts, I found these adorable baby bonnets for my great niece Eden who is to arrive in May.

For baby Connor, I found Farmall plastic dishes.

I couldn't leave without buying some fabric for myself . I also found a pretty handkerchief. It will be made into a bag for one lucky blogger. I bet no one can guess who it will be.

Our shopping lasted until noon. We then headed back to the meeting, where lunch was just being served. Mrs. Martin served ham and beans with several pans of made from scratch corn bread.

She also made 2 peach cobblers and one peach pie which was being served warm with Central Dairy vanilla ice cream. Besides the cobblers there were about 48 cream filled donuts covered in powdered sugar. What was a girl to do, but try both desserts!

The afternoon was completed with a trip to Weaver's Market. Fresh spices, grapefruits by the case,      and a big bag of jello powder filled my basket.

It was fun to spend the day in Mennonite country!


Dar said...

Your shopping excursion sounded wonderful. Wish I could have been there too. I love to shop at Weaver's Market when we get to the lake. I will have to look up these fabric stores you mentioned. Thanks for the new shopping sites.

Flat Creek Farm said...

I must go next time! Although, I probably would have eaten way too much and bought more fabric (which I may not use.. lol). Great purchases! -T

Lise said...

What a fun day of shopping! Those quilts are beautiful and the meal sounds fantastic...I would have tried both deserts too:)

Deanna said...

I love Excelsior. Haven't been there in ages. Those quilts are so pretty.

Carla K said...

Hated that we didn't get to come, looks like you had a good trip!