Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas is over. It's always bittersweet, kids at home, kids far away, we always make the best of it. 

Lori captured a pretty picture of our table. 

 She also took this of us Skyping with our daughter, son in law, and grandson in Florida. 

When it was time to open the presents, it started out so calm. However, soon the room was trashed!  Oh, the fun of opening presents! 

 Both the cooks seemed to like the pressure cooker they were given. 

The boys found a quiet place to check out their new toys. Now that I look at this picture, I think Alex is checking out a toy his brother Brady received. 

Look at Miss Lizzie.  She is wearing her new pajamas over her clothes while playing old maids with her great-grandma Cardwell. There is 86 years separating them, yet they still find something in common. 

I found it rewarding to make some gifts this year. 

I used pictures of Connor from his birth  and ended the book with his one year old picture. Books were all made using

 Brady's was labeled a "A Year with Grandma and Grandpa 2013".

 Here are Lizzie's and Alex's.

 It was so much fun making a yearbook for the kids. Here is an inside sample.

 The little guy in Florida, also got a personalized minkie blanket. 

This corduroy jumper and matching doll clothes were for Lizzie and Holly. For those that sew, you might recognize the jumper has yo-yo's on the front, my least favorite thing to make!

 The girls matching pajamas, with their names embroidered on them. 

Alex asked specifically for an iPod holder with some special requests. He wanted it to go on his belt loop, he wanted the shop name, his name, and an anvil on it.  

I incorporated all those and then some. I included a lighted carabiner, and a Velcro flap.

Jeremy teaches concealed carry gun classes in his spare time. I embroidered a shirt with his business name on it.

And so it is now Christmas past. It was a wonderful time with family, friends, and food.

Life is Good!


Dar said...

It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. You made such thoughtful and useful gifts for your family. They will treasure them for years to come. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said... either love em or Not. Lol Happy New Year to you all!

Zoey said...

What greats gifts you made, Patti. I love the idea of a year with the grandparents book and I bet the girls loved the doll outfits to match theirs.

Happy new year to you!

Patty H. said...

Don't you just love Skype! And Shutterfly? We skied with our daughter and her little family and she made a calendar of our grandson thru Shutterfuly.
Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas time!

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a wonderful Christmas!! The memory books are indeed priceless, as are the handmade gifts. That tablet case is the best one I've ever seen! Love all the pictures, but I have to say that one with Lizzie and your Mom takes the cake ♥ Happy New Year, Dear Friends! -TW & PW

Deanna said...

I especially love the picture of Lizzie with your mom. Priceless. I see you've been putting your embroidery machine to good use! Great job. The memory books were a great ideea. The kids will treasure those alays. Here's to a new year of camping, camping, camping. I've been checking out the shows coming up in Steelville...

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family. You made them some awesome gifts! Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy New Year!

Lise said...

What a wonderful Christmas you had! I know how you mean about that bittersweet feeling... I love your books, I make Liam a book for his birthday each year and include pictures from the year, but I make it myself on the computer, print on paper, then laminate and bind it...looks very home made:) Merry Christmas, even though it's past, and happy New Year my friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet Christmas family time!! Our gr. granddaughters will be old enough for me to make p.j.s.....the older still prefers the more toddler style sleepers (2& 1/2 y.o). The gifts that are personalized/homemade are so special or the ones that fulfill that "dreamed for" item (or the total surprise gift that the recipient loves but would NEVER have thought to purchase.....our gift to our granddaughter and hubby was a Belgian waffle maker like at the motels). Hugs......

Tipper said...

Loved peeking in on your Christmas-I'm glad it was a good one : )