Saturday, December 14, 2013

To Florida and back!!

We were to fly out last Monday to Orlando to celebrate our daughter's 30th birthday and our grandson's first birthday. It didn't happen.

All flights for the airline were cancelled, all across the country. The following day they flew us on another airline. No explanation was ever given. They just cut our visit one day short. 

Just a few hours after we arrived, while eating dinner Sarah called from work to tell us to go outside. There was a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral. She had taken off for the day we were to arrive, but not the day we actually arrived. Working for a TV station, she knew just when the rocket was launching. The picture doesn't really do it justice.

Her backyard has an orange and a grapefruit tree. Unfortunately for us, they weren't quite ripe yet. Neither was the banana tree.

The live oak tree in her back yard is covered in Spanish moss and an azalea was still in bloom.

 Across the fence in the neighbor's yard was a hibiscus in bloom.

It was great to see so much greenery even if some was too much. The blacksmith helped Rusty trim their split leaf philodendron at the pool.

While we were there this little guy learned how to pull himself up to a standing position. He will be walking real soon.

I've never seen a little guy so interested in Micky Mouse. It's a good thing they live close to Disney-world.

Yes Connor is a TV nut. Play this video and watch how he dances to the theme song of Big Bang Theory. He will dance for it over and over as we rewind. If he's playing in the room and the show comes on, he comes crawling to the TV.  Amazing that a one year old can recognize a song. 

One day we went antiquing. I saw this awesome display of vintage ornaments. Sadly, I probably have that many, if I just had the table space to display them. We also saw this chicken strolling outside the shop. It seems chickens run loose in the town of Oviedo.
We went downtown for dinner at  Schumann’s Jäger Haus.  

The food was awesome, as were the desserts. 
Connor enjoyed our spatzel so much that next time his mother might order his own plate full.

Saturday, the day of Connors first birthday, came quickly!  Here he is modeling the shirt that I made for him.  Well actually it was the second shirt. The first one was a 12 month size. After washing it was too small. This Grandma got smart and washed the 24 month size first and THEN appliqued and embroidered it. 

Here are the many gifts he received, including a hand made rocking horse from his other grandfather. 

Just note how clean the shirt is. It will never again look like that! 

Let's just blame it on the bakery. With the big cake purchase they offered him his own "smash" cake. 

That was all it took! The shirt is now permanently stained green!

Here Grandpa enjoys some one on one time with the big one year old!

I too, got to do my share of the spoiling, but I also enjoyed the record breaking highs of 86 and 87 degrees every day! It was quite the shock to get off the plane in Missouri to 17 degrees and a snowy, icy runway.

 We paused for a grandparent photo before our week was up. 

This my friends, is how you shop for a Christmas tree in Florida. Seriously, do they know what they are missing in Missouri?  Snow, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures.  Think they care?

It was a great week in Florida minus one day, thank you very much Allegiant Air. We can't wait to go back for the great company and warm weather!  Also, to spoil that grandson some more.


StitchinByTheLake said...

What a fun trip! I loved seeing Conner dancing...babies are just so much fun. :) And I loved the picture of the antique ornaments. Someone was very clever to arrange them like that! blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a good trip-even if it was one day less than you planned. Loved the photos!

Zoey said...

What a great time to go to Florida. I am glad you had a wonderful visit and got to celebrate with your cute grandson. The warm weather is nice for a week, but I lived there for a few years and never really liked Christmas at 90 degrees.

Lise said...

What a fabulous time! Rocket launches are spectacular, and you are right the photos never do the real thing justice. Love the photo of you and B and the baby...enjoy the moments, they pass far too quickly (and don't you know that already, LOL!). Happy Holidays my friend!

Dar said...

Enjoyed seeing all the fun you had on your Fla trip with the grandson. Also the fun places you visited. After our 9 inches of snow I too wouldn't mind a week in Fla.

Jeri Landers said...

You had fun! I could use some of that warm weather right about now. Connor is a living, dancing doll, how adorable he is. Lucky Gramma! I wish I had one of those. Love the ornament display in the antique shop,it would have been a big temptation for me.. like I need any more.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Connor is such a doll!! What a great trip - even though it was shortened (grr to that!). The pictures, and video.. loved them all. Nice to visit such a warm spot - even virtually! -T

Deanna said...

Don't you wish you were in Florida about now? I can't believe how he has grown! Loved the pictures It would be so cool to be able to step into your backyard and pick fruit off the trees in the middle of winter!

Deanna said...

Don't you wish you were in Florida about now? I can't believe how he has grown! Loved the pictures It would be so cool to be able to step into your backyard and pick fruit off the trees in the middle of winter!