Thursday, April 10, 2014

Look what I left behind.

This one I would love to have! A friend (who I talked about here) is selling this white featherweight for $400. It's just a little too rich for my blood. But if you are interested left me know, I can find out if it's still available. The machine is located in Jefferson City, Mo. 

At 8:30 AM, I got a text from my favorite daughter-in-law of a black machine for sale at a rummage sale up the road. She actually texted me the above picture. The blacksmith and I quickly headed there. 

It's a Singer 15-90. I'm still thinking on this one.  A singer 15-90 is belt driven, where as the 15-91 is gear driven. Otherwise it's pretty much the same machine. 

My friend Angie, found this one at an antique store west of Columbia Missouri. It is listed at $375.00.

Funny I had never seen a white featherweight in person until this past week. Now I see there are 2 located fairly close.

Thanks  again to social media (Facebook) today I heard about 3 more machines at another rummage sale. (Thanks Andy).

This Modernage was $45.  It's not a Singer, but looks very similar. 

Then there was this sweet Singer 99. It was only $45, that's $10 less than I paid for mine. I wish I would have photoed the serial number. I'm pretty sure it's older than mine. Again, I didn't need this one either.

At the same sale was this Modern Age retro pink machine. It was nice too, just not my style. 

After all that deciding not to buy, my stomach was growling. I stopped by Mi Pueblo Mexican bakery. They now make dinner items. I had bought some of their tamales one Saturday and loved them. So I was ready for a few more and some taco al pastor. 

The lady seemed a little confused when I asked for beef and chicken tamales. It was then in broken English she tried to explain, only on weekends. So I settled for tacos. I will be back some Saturday.  Maybe when I'm back out looking for sewing machines!


kathyinozarks said...

sounds like a fun hunt-vintage sewing machines

Lise said...

You are an antique sewing machine expert! You have so much knowledge of everything that is out there, perhaps you should offer your services to someone who is searching for something special...I'm just sayin'! Between that and your awesome quilt charms, you'd have it made:)