Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Saturday

We were up before dawn on Saturday to travel to a Mountain Man show at a near by town.

Here are 2 of our display tables. The third table was just as full of iron work. The show was small, very small. Probably not over 40-50 people came through. However, for us it was profitable. That's what counts!  Next year they are moving the date to winter time. Spring with 80 degree temperature equals no shoppers.

We arrived home early and decided to make church at 5:30. Afterward we went to our favorite local dinner establishment, Ecco Lounge. We were seated in the back room, a small room with 5 tables. 

This is what we saw across from us at table #1. The couple (our age) at table #2 asked him if he was proposing engagement to his girlfriend tonight. "Oh no" he said, "I'm going to ask her to the prom". PROM? a proposal?

The young, man who was very polite, asked if we would all clap if she accepted his proposal. Soon he got a text that she had arrived in the parking lot. 

As this picture was taken she was saying yes, and we all broke out clapping and cheering!

Poor girl, she only has two weeks to find "the dress"!

Apparently, this is a common thing to try to out do the last person in asking for a date. After I posted this on Facebook, a friend sent me this text about her daughter  - One guy asked Meredith to a dance once by piling up about nine old tires at our front door with a bunch of Rolo candy and a sign that said "I'm sure you're tired of waiting for me to ask but will you roll with me to sweethearts? " It was a classic.   

Times sure have changed since I was asked to prom?  How about you?


Lise said...

Wow, how times have changed. I just got asked to prom, no balloons or dinner, lol! I have to say I'm glad to see it though, especially with the way technology has taken over some of the charm in face-to-face youthful things. Gives me hope:)

StitchinByTheLake said...

I really hate that the kids are doing this stuff - it's so hard on kids who don't have the money to go all out. I work some at a very small country school and our kids borrow dresses and save for ages to have a meal out. It costs to attend and then there are flowers to buy and it just all adds up. Do you think it's my age that I wish for simpler times? :) blessings, marlene

Flat Creek Farm said...

Well, this is pretty cute!! Love it! Much less complicated back in my day.. so many yrs ago.
Sounds like you had a good day at the show in spite of the small crowd. Did I ask you this already?: Did you even quilt that "quilt charm" sign? You rock, Girlfriend! -T

Gayla Hickey said...

Nothing this creative 50+ years ago! Generation gap showing? Do high schoolers even know what a "generation gap" is? What happens if she says "no"?

Janna and Mike said...

I'm thinking I have to agree with Marlene--it costs so much to go to the prom or anything else these days, wouldn't a simple phone call work?? But I also have to say, the kid was creative!