Saturday, May 24, 2014

A trip to the Appalachian Area Blacksmith conference

Last Thursday we took off with the little Casita and went to Tennessee. We stayed at the I-24 Kampground in Smyrna TN. Nice park!  My only complaint would be with 100+ campers it really slowed their free wifi down. 

The Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths was holding their conference about 15 miles away in Murfreesboro. 

Every day we drove through the area where two battles were fought. The first, Battle of Murfreesboro was fought July 13, 1862, with 899 casualties. The second one, Battle of Stones River was fought December 31, 1862 to February 2, 1863, 1677 lives were lost.

The conference auction items were on display, and there were so many beautiful things. 

This hand forged tool box was outstanding. Full of tools (not pictured) it sold for a whopping $1250.00.

 A side view of the beautiful forging.

 This box was also full of tools and sold at the auction for $550.00.

The conference was held at the historical Cannonsburgh Village. In this picture are just a few of the many tailgaters. 

 Anvils and hammers, just a few of the many there.

The weather was cool and damp. Unlike the 100+ temps they said they've had in previous years.  

 This quilt, featuring the anvil pattern was sold at the auction for $800.

A guitar signed by Marty Stuart, Tom T. Hall, and Connie Smith sold for $500.00 The signed t-shirt was almost given to the same person for free.

I didn't write down what this awesome wrought iron spoon went for. It was really neat.

This coal slate was painted by instructor Cindy Hestle. I didn't take her class, but had a nice visit with her both days. 

I did take Suzanne Lebeau's pine needle weaving class. This is the beginning of my coaster.

This was another lady's version. She used a much smaller straw, which creates a finer weave.

Another house at the village. Unfortunately for the conference the houses were not open.

This is the world's largest cedar bucket. It was secured well behind the fence. Click on the picture below to read all about it.

Our time went quickly in Tennessee. One place we visited twice in our three nights out was The Slick Pig Restaurant. It was some of the finest southern smoked meat I've had. Both nights I made sure I got their turnip greens and white beans. 

Life is good.

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Cheryl @ TFD said...

Looks like you had a fun trip with many interesting things to see! Enjoyed your photos. Have a great week!