Monday, May 12, 2014

Her mother's quilt

Several months ago I was asked by Darlene, a friend, if I could make some quilt charms to match her mother's quilt.

Her mother Betty had passed away in April 2013. In her room at the nursing home hung a small ceramic quilt block. They weren't sure who had given it to her; perhaps one of the 8 children she had, or one 15 grand kids, or one of the 13 great grand kids, or maybe even one of her quilting friends. I forgot to mention she was a good friend to my mother in law, who is also a quilter.

After Betty died, it was decided to create that ceramic quilt block into a full size quilt. Betty's friend, 93 year old Leona, (their husbands were cousins), matched the fabrics and pieced the quilt. 

Betty had always attended church at St Margaret's. The ladies Sodality there hand quilted the piece.

Her daughter in law, Judy put the binding on it.

It will be sold in the benefit auction at the St. Margaret's church picnic this summer. 

Usually when I make the quilt charms, I leave the paper pattern on the back. This time I asked if I could do something a little different. 

This is what I came up with. The charms were given to each of Betty's daughters yesterday on Mother's Day. How appropriate, Mom's Quilt on Mother's day! 


Janna and Mike said...

Those are sure tiny quilt pieces, so sweet!

kathyinozarks said...

such a lovely idea those little charms, and I love that you guys put the quilt together for auction

Jeri Landers said...

Patti, First let me say, I love my little quilt charm which I carry on my key chain for the time being. I am going to use it as a floss keep, if I ever straighten out my floss. But what I really want to say is WOW! what a magnificent quilt collection you have in the post below. And each quilt with a memory attached. I am floored at all the work you yourself have done, and delighted that you received many quilts from others. It is such a beautiful legacy you have created with your needle and thread.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

The charms are so very pretty and I know the daughter's must have been thrilled to get them!

Deanna said...

That is one mother's day present that will be treasured forever! Beautiful.

Lise said...

These are beautiful Patti! You are so talented, but better yet your loving spirit comes through in everything you create. A very special gift my friend :)

Zoey said...

What a beautiful tribute! I cannot think of a more fitting Mother's Day gift.