Monday, June 16, 2014

It's awful quiet around here!

 The past few weeks, since school let out,  we have been some busy grandparents.

Lizzie made s'mores with the new Jif Chocolate spread.

 Alex made fudgesicles with chocolate pudding.

 Brady, Lizzie, and Alex ate the fudgesicles. 

 We took all three fishing behind the house. 

 Patiently Lizzie fished . . . 

 However, Alex caught the first one. 

Maybe the second one too. 

 Then Lizzie succeeded. 

 and again!

Brady also patiently waited for a bite.

At last he caught one, just as we had decided to go home. 

 Just a cute shot!

Another cute shot. 

 One day we went swimming at Aunt Lona's.

 The swim party included a pizza party and fresh fruit.

 A bathing beauty?!

We also celebrated a birthday. Alex turned 10. His mother made an awesome camp fire cake! 

Alex went to the flea market with us. He loved the rocks and even purchased some arrowheads.

I gave him a shadow box for his arrowheads and he was one proud guy.

But now it's all quiet here.

It will be for a few weeks. 

Summer school has started. 

Soon we will get to see this little guy.

I hope he gets cleaned up by then!?!?!?


Lise said...

Nothing like spending time with the grands :) Looks like a fabulous time, and I sure do love that cake! It's both creative and I bet it was delish! Have fun with the 'lil guy:)

Zoey said...

Oh, what fun! I can't remember when I last fished.

That campfire cake is so cute!