Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My week in Brasstown, North Carolina

Saturday morning, our first day in town,  we headed to the Martin Creek School for a jamboree. My blogger friend Tipper from Blind Pig and the Acorn was performing there with her family. It was a fund raiser for the school, where one of Tipper's brothers is the principal.

Her daughters, "Chitter" and "Chatter", her Pap, brother, and nephew, all joined Tipper in playing  music. Most of them sing as well.  

Listen to them and I think you will agree, it's some great music. Tipper's Dad did a tribune with the final song, that brought a tear to the eye of many there. It was about his good friend that died the past year. 

While there we did a little shopping from the vendors, I found a great pair of sterling silver earrings. The blacksmith found a hammer head. (Which later wound up in the hands of a new up coming blacksmith, right Larry?!) We also had breakfast/lunch and homemade cake!

Saturday evening, after the Gala at John C. Campbell Folk school (read about it in yesterday's post), we stopped by Brasstown Community Center for a concert. The Kelley's were just about to finish up for the evening. This is a family of two brothers and two sister that can really sing. I only wished we would have heard the entire concert. 

On Wednesday, my blogger friend Dana of Old Red Barn Company, along with her daughters, "Boo" and "Licious" picked me up for lunch. We went to Doyle's, a local place that has fantastic food. Just ask "Boo", she ordered a Monte Cristo sandwich, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with a with raspberry dipping sauce! 

Dana and I traded gifts, she gave me some her wonderful homemade soap (which is available on her blog) in one of her hand made zipper bags. I gave her a Red Barn charm. Next week Dana has her second quilt book coming out, Imagine Quilts. Last year I surprised her at the book signing of her first quilt book. I was just two weeks too early this year to surprise her. 

While in Brasstown, I received a delivery from Rob Withrow, a local potter, of my BAM (Blacksmith Association of Missouri) steins.  The only problem with them, is that I want to keep everyone of them. Thanks Rob, you do wonderful work.

Dana took me to Bless My Stitch quilt shop. There I found this darling ribbon. Look for it soon in charms.   

Several times the blacksmith and I went to Fosters flea market in Murphy. My blogger friend Jackie of Carolina Crafting has a booth there.  

This time, I figured it was safe to visit Jackie there. Last year she took me up a mountain, that is until we started sliding down it in her pick up  and I bailed on her! (Love you Jackie!)

Jackie and I did a little bartering, she got charms and I got this beautiful cobalt blue keg. She told me this belonged to her uncle. I'm still trying to find out more information on it. I can tell it's old, as the spigot is pewter.

My week of R and R, visiting with friends, doing a little hand work in the Casita, and just enjoying the beautiful area, while the blacksmith was sweating his butt off in the shop was great

As we travel I like to count how many Casitas I can find. We stopped at this gas station/McDonald's just south of St Louis. As we pulled out ,I saw this on the opposite side of the building where we had parked. 

Life is Good!

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Zoey said...

Sounds like a great vacation, Patti. Love the cobalt keg.

My first pink lily opened this week. :)