Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's a weekly quilting bee!

I have been occasionally joining the ladies at my son and daughter in law's church to quilt on Tuesday mornings. 

It's always such a good time.  It makes me get out of bed earlier than normal.  Seeing the sun that bright, that early is an eye opening experience!

A couple of weeks ago I told the quilters about the conversation between my friend Nell and me. I told Nell I was busy on Tuesday mornings quilting at church. She said "You must be the youngest one there". 

I told her no, we were all about the same age, (or so it seems). Nell then told me she thought of church quilting ladies as old white haired ladies with Kleenexes stuck in their watch band or shirt sleeve. 

When I told the quilters that story they all got a good chuckle out of it. 

Fast forward to the next week. After our break for prayer and coffee (with treats) I went back to my spot and was sewing away. Suddenly it got very quiet, I looked up and saw everyone looking at me. I looked beside me and there stood Darlene and Janet waving a Kleenex at me. It was time for my initiation to their group.  Everyone had a tissue in their watch band and was waving it at me. Hilarious!! Now you know why it's fun to quilt with this great group of ladies.

This was the tissue group that day. Sometimes there are as many as 12-14 quilters. Most of the time there are 2 quilts in the frame. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a shot of the quilt they were working on. It's a solid color whole quilt as it is called. The striped fabric is the dust cover and it hadn't been removed yet.

 There is always show and tell. Here Janet shows off the quilt she made for her grand daughter. 

I quilted on this one last week. These quilts will be auctioned at the church picnic this summer.

Pictures didn't do justice today to the quilts. This one was small but striking, it had really unique piecing.
This one has some beautiful quilting patterns in it. I'm just glad I wasn't elected (or volunteered) to bind it.

The colors in this piece are much brighter than the picture shows.  Browns and blacks make a beautiful combination in this log cabin and star pattern.

As usual, I am looking forward to Tuesday mornings out!


Patty H. said...

How fun that would be! Sounds like a good group to be in.
The quilts are gorgeous!!

Janna and Mike said...

My Mom goes to her church to quilt, it gets her out of the house and she loves it!

Down On The Farm said...

Looks beautiful! And while I don't quilt, it sure looks FUN!!!

Deanna said...

Great story. We quilt on Tuesday mornings too. Those quilts are beautiful. I sure wish we had more quilters at St. A's!

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a fun thing to do! blessings, marlene