Monday, January 5, 2015

Connor Turns 2

First I must apologize for being so far behind.  Our trip to Florida, then Christmas, New Years, and life got in my blogging way.

We flew to Florida the first week of December. After all, Sarah and Connor both have birthdays that first week. Rusty has one 3 weeks later. So it was time to celebrate.

I appliqued a birthday shirt for Connor. He is a real CARS man!

Of course, his cake had to have cars too.

Grandpa and I gave him his first tricycle. He seemed to really like it right off the bat.

Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Lori gave him what appeared to be his favorite toy of his celebration.

The following Monday it was off to Disney World. Sadly, it was a heavy mist all day long. Did I mention all day?

Connor was a pretty good sport most of the time wearing his Mickey Mouse rain poncho. Here he and Grandpa are waiting in the long line for one of the rides.

The cars was his favorite ride. The rain didn't dampen his spirits. He cried every time we'd take him out. So Grandpa or Daddy would take him back again!

Connor meets Goofy, and from here it went down hill.

He was not happy to meet Donald . . .

. . or Mickey Mouse either.
We did, finally, after about 20 pictures to get one almost good picture.

On Tuesday we went to see Santa. That too did not go well. Had Connor known Santa was standing in behind him, there would have been more tears.

The rest of the week we chilled out at home. The little guy had plenty of new toys to play with. There were daily walks with Grandpa "outside".

It was our coldest trip ever to Florida. Coats were necessary almost every day. It gets harder every time to say good bye. This is our traditional front porch picture.

Our daughter had been nominated for an Emmy. She is a news producer for WFTV in Orlando

The day after we left our daughter and husband got all dressed up for the award ceremony. Aren't they adorable?  Even baby boy #2 is in the picture! She didn't get a statue, but still it is a great honor to be nominated.

That's Connor's birthday week.


Zoey said...

What fun to see the joy Connor got with the new car tower -- his laugh was so cute!

Other than the weather, it looks like you had a good time.

Down On The Farm said...

How proud you must be of your beautiful family. I know you must miss them terribly. Thank heavens for airplanes and cell phones and skype! Blessings!! STAY WARM!!!