Friday, September 4, 2015

A Week of Girl's Days

Just like the past 42 years, come the 3rd weekend in August, the blacksmith leaves me for a week. 

 Or so they said a week, looks more like a month worth of stuff. 

Tim, Bernie, and Terry are off on the annual muzzle loader squirrel hunt. They do this near Blue Springs on the Current river in southern Missouri.

So what am I to do?????

Sunday, the day they left, I went antiquing. I found this sheet of dress maker pins. The Jacobs store was located just a mile from our house. It was in business from about 1888 to 1924 when it was sold to the Hirschman family. 

Besties from high school!

Monday I surprised my high school girl friend in Washington, Missouri with a visit. Her sisters, Ruth and Betty, helped me pull the surprise off. It had been years, way too many years, since we had seen each other. 

We first went for lunch at Aldo's Pizza. After lunch we checked out several antique and resell it shops. 

It was then decided to treat ourselves to a little dessert. Joe's Bakery in Washington Missouri was the place!!

 It was a hard choice . . . pies and more pies.

 Coconut macaroons. . . .

Strawberry shortcake . . . 

But in the end, we all decided on coconut pie. Thank you Ruthie and Betty for helping me surprise Linda!

Tuesday morning I went to quilt at church. This is a beautiful quilt. It's called something mountain. But it's a stinker to quilt. The backing is tough!

At noon I met my friend Deanna (forgot the picture) for Chinese buffet. I gave her some chambray shirts to embroidery.

After lunch I headed north by about 10 miles to meet my friend Di, in person for the first time! Yes, we met through Facebook, via a friend who knew we both quilted. Thank you Rita H.!

She is a wonderful talented quilter. She loves hexies, the smaller the better. These are smaller than a dime!
 This is a work in progress. I only wish I would have taken a picture of her hand applique work. 

Our first stop was a Satin Stitches quilt shop. I have been looking for word fabric. I really scored here. We bought some of the cities of Missouri fabric. Now I'm playing where's Waldo (only with city names).

We then went shopping at Quilt 4U, a new shop to us both.  Our last stop was Apple tree Quilting shop. Whew, three shops in a short period of time. 

 On Wednesday I had to take some time with my hairdresser. A girls best friend!

Thursday I picked up Mara in Ashland and headed north to Moberly to meet Tammy. Tammy chauffeured us all through Amish county in Clark Missouri. Here were two barefooted boys herding cattle on a gravel road. We guessed them to be about 6 and 10 years old.

Their businesses are all lighted by gas lights. Look at all the kerosene lamps. 

We stopped in Centralia at Grinders bakery for lunch. Become friends with Grinders Bakery on FB, you will drool everyday!

It only took me two stores to find the blue jean rag rugs I love. They wear like iron, can be machine washed and hang to dry. The most expensive was $27.50.  What a bargain.

I also bought a jar of spiced apples, only they are really made out of cucumbers. My son Jeremy loves them! I made them some years ago. It's a long process of soaking in lime, draining, rinsing, soaking, etc. When you can them you also use a whole package of red hots. 

Friday was a sort of girls day. I spent it with a few of my cousins, my mom and my sister. Cousin Ronnie had passed away and he had requested a dinner be held at his house. If you have to leave this earth he chose the right way to go out. Pool side, BBQ, music and drinks. 

Now let me back up a day here, and show you how moving Ronnie's visitation was. He was a Vietnam veteran. His fellow service men came out to honor him. The sidewalks were lined with flags and veterans.

 Ronnie was a great musician, as is most of his family. Here is a video of him singing a song he wrote. Grab the tissues. 

Rest in peace Ronnie Saucier 1947-2015.

Friday evening my grand daughter Lizzie, and daughter in law Lori, and I dined al fresco at Madison's Cafe. By the time dinner was over the moon filled the sky. It was such a beautiful evening. 

Saturday again my grand daughter, daughter in law, and I went to town, for lunch this time. We had real Coke.  You know Coke, it's the real thing?!  Made in Mexico with real sugar.  We ate at Mi Pueblo Bakery and Taqueria. 

I had my favorite, Taco Al Pastor. It is spicy pork, sometimes served with pineapple, onions and cilantro. 

Lori and Lizzie had chicken tostados. 

That my friends, was my Girl's Week!  On Sunday, the squirrels hunters returned about 1:00 PM, 47 squirrels later. From the stories I heard, he had just as much fun with his guys as I did with my girls!


Diane Hake said...

Love your blog...what a great week you had...!!
Was fabulous to finally meet you...had a fun time...Can't wait to do it

Lise said...

Looks like awesome times and you've got so many great pictures! Glad you had such a wonderful week:)

Janna and Mike said...

Oh, my--what a fun week!! I wonder if I could get the cowboy to go off somewhere for a week??

Deanna said...

What a great week you had. I'm so happy we got to have lunch. Hope BT has recovered from his get away

Flat Creek Farm said...

Honored to be a part of your Girls' Week! What a fabulous week indeed. I love the picture of you and Lizzie with that teal background and cokes! Loved seeing those little boys herd the cattle that day, and everything else too! We had an audience last week of six "stairstep" Amish children gawking at us while we purchased wheat straw. They were so cute. Glad I remembered seeing that sign while we were out there :) -Tammy