Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday night in town!

Dinner's tonight was a German meal served in the Munichburg area. Tomorrow is their Oktoberfest!

After dinner, we went to the beer and wine garden for drinks and little German music.

Later we stopped by the state capitol to view the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall. There are over 58,000 names listed.

 A night shot of Missouri's beautiful capitol.

 A full moon was shining down.

The ammo boxes held so many memories from those that served.

It will move you to tears. I was thankful for those that served. But so glad my husband never went.

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Great pictures from nice events in your neck of the woods! We attended Walk Back in Time (Mexico) last weekend (love it!), and of course we saw you two the weekend before that at the Heritage Festival. I will be sad when winter sets in and no more festivals for a few months :( -T