Thursday, October 29, 2015

A trip back in time

We played tourist again and went to Marthasville, Missouri for Deustch Country Days. It had been 25 years or more since we had been there. 

It's about 50 acres of restored log buildings. Many people in period costume come to demonstrate days gone by. 

This little gal was so funny doing her laundry. She told us the white machine in the back ground was only for rich folks, and she wasn't one of those. Outside the cabin other girls were heating wash water over a wood fire. It sure makes you appreciate today's washing machines.

In the next cabin these young men were making sausage. We didn't dally around there as that is something we still make.

A saw mill was running up the road a ways. 

This family was making molasses. Something my blacksmith had done just the day before. 

Our friend Denny Quinn was forging away in his cabin. 

Another friend Mike Yeomans was weaving rye grass baskets. He doesn't sell his baskets. I must work on him to barter for one!!

A mountain man and his daughter were telling visitors about their furs. 

These ladies were doing some dutch oven cooking. We should have eaten there, the brisket looked delicious.

My blacksmith and Flat Creek's blacksmith posing for us. 

Dean posed for a picture for me. He was running a small general store outside his cabin. Yes he did spend the night in there too. It was evident by his empty wine bottle!  Right Mr. Liverwurst?

This is Bob Stormer, another member of the Missouri Blacksmith Association. You can see inside his cabin, which he said was a little cold the night before.

I had never seen a tee pee covered with cedar. Apparently people back then didn't have allergies!

This a Alice and Joe Dudenhoeffer. Joe and I are both retired from the same company. 
They make beautiful split oak baskets. I have quite a few of them. He likes to barter!!

I asked if I could take a picture of this bicycle basket. 

This is the basket they were demonstrating. It was big. The handle was an antler.

We had a lot of friends demonstrating there including Jeff Goris, the tin man. I have a couple of his pieces, including an anvil cookie cutter and an anvil pin.

Have you ever seen anyone walking their pet turkeys?  Guess there is a first time for everything.

We had a great conversation with Jill, the soap maker. (Since the blacksmith had just made about 200 bars of soap earlier in the week.) Jill tells us her parents started this event 34 years ago. They were somewhere around but we never ran into them. 

This is the line shaft in the wood workers building. They were making corn cob pipes. 

I found this in the shop with a few antiques. This is a plastic machine about  3 inches high. The machine actually fold into the cabinet.

So if you every get a chance mid- October check out Deustch Country Days.


Down On The Farm said...

Oh wow!! What an experience. I could wander around all day there! Thanks for sharing pictures:0!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I hate to admit it, but I don't know where Marthasville is! It looks like a fun event and I'd love to see it sometime. Have a good weekend, sounds like you and the blacksmith are keeping very busy!

Flat Creek Farm said...

You took the best pictures that day.. great documentation, Sister! It was a very enjoyable event, topped off by seeing you two there :) -T

B&J006 said...

Is there a website that list all the Fall activities and events for Missouri? We live in Topeka, Ks. and these look like a good day trip to do! Being a quilter also, I have really enjoyed your blog!

Tipper said...

What a fun looking place. Reminds me of the Foxfire Museum.