Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Arrow Rock 2015

We hadn't been to The Heritage Festival in Arrow Rock, Missouri since 2013. We decided to spend the day there. It felt good to play tourist, and not being a vendor for a change. 

We found Josh Rhodes turning old silverware into beautiful jewelry. We first met him at our BAM conference earlier this year. Here he shows off his dental tool, it's a pedal. Now that would be some slow drilling, ouch!

We walked up to this campground. It was fun visiting with the guys. Years ago, I mean decades, the blacksmith and I did rendezvous. We didn't go as far as the primitive camp but it still brought back lots of memories. We went to the national muzzle-loading shoots in Friendship, Indiana a couple of times. 

Here is Brad who was proudly showing off his new branding iron made by one of our blacksmith members. Good work Doug Clemons!

The streets weren't so crowded on a Sunday morning. 

Later we sat on the grass and enjoyed some good music and song. 

Across the street from where we were sitting were 2 blacksmiths demonstrating, also in our organization, Colton and Don. 

We spent the day strolling the streets and had lunch with our good friends Phil (also a blacksmith) and Margie. We treated them to lunch.  After all, it was their 46th wedding anniversary and they chose to spend it with us. Love these guys.

Don, Margie, Phil, my blacksmith, and me.

It's not often that you get three blacksmiths and 2 wives sitting in the shade. What a beautiful day it was.


Flat Creek Farm said...

I love that last picture! Great coverage of Arrow Rock. Missed it this year.. maybe next. -T

Lise said...

You sure are having lots of fun in your retirement:) Good for you!!!

Deanna said...

I can imagine getting three blacksmith's sitting doing nothing was quite a feat. Love the last picture too.