Monday, March 5, 2018

The shortest month of the year and it flew by!

I started another patriotic quilt. Again it will be for St Margaret's Parish picnic in Osage Bend. The picnic is August 5, 2018. Come and bid on it!

Just trying to show you the size here. This pattern piece is 2 1/2 inches wide and there are 25 pieces of fabric in it!
 The eye, yes the eye has 16 pieces of fabric. Look at in comparison to the dime. 

The eagle is a pattern by Silver Linings Originals. I have used Linda's patterns for years. She has the most beautiful animals, birds, plants and more on her web site. 

Here was one Big mistake I made. I mistook the color coding on the pattern and didn't recheck, until the wing was completed. Needless to say I had to remake it. 

My first attempt at a bargello pattern. Thanks for my niece Amber who sent me a book on the process I got it made! 

I have it all together now. It's pretty impressive if I do say so myself. My friend Rita found the military blocks at The Quilter's Cache, they represent the 5 branches of the military. Below each I used my embroidery machine to add the correct units. Miss Liberty is another of Silver Linings Originals patterns.

 Once upon a time we were two very young kids who fell in love. This is my blacksmith in 1968. 

This is me, Osage Bluff Quilter. Don't you just love those pants. Yep, I made them. They were navy blue with hot pink roses. WHY? I asked myself why did I ever wear those. 

Anyway, February 21, was our 50th anniversary, not wedding, our first date! So we took the day off and went road tripping. We drove to Mennonite country. We had so much fun just browsing. We stopped by Weaver's market and stocked up on spices and noodles. 

At Weaver's Variety store they had all these antique accordions for sale. It makes me wonders who they belonged to. I found  Sketcher tennis shoes and hubby found Wrangler jeans at their variety store. It kind of reminds me of the the old P.N. Hirsch department stores. 

We stopped by Martin's Horseshoeing shop. There we bought a bucket of horseshoes from Leonard. He also gave us a pair of their new coffee cups. 

A few days later grandson made this Welcome sign. He is selling them for $55 if you are interested. 

We had a quiet lunch at this brewery, Bee's knees. The blacksmith thought about the beer sampler, but we still had a drive back home. 

Back in October I won this collection of silhouette pictures from Ebay. They were never received. The seller refunded my money and filed a claim from the post office. Fast forward 122 days and look what showed up in my mail box!  If only the box could talk. It was clearly labeled, not dusty, not torn up. mmmmmm makes you wonder.

The blacksmith has been busy making a new portable forge. All from scratch. The fire pot is part of a car axle!  He's really creative. 

A friend brought me 6 of these quilt blocks. She wants them made into a queen size quilt.  I've looked at 4 shops for fabric. I found these two at the last shop. I love, love, love the big bright flora print. I put a poll on Facebook and the big flora won unanimously. However, she nixed both of them. I'm bummed!

We took a trip north the other night just as the moon was rising over the Missouri River. Pictures don't do it justice!

 The guys made deer sausage last week. It's our best batch yet!

Saturday we were up and out the door at 4:50 AM. Our friends Tim and Rita rode along with us to this 600 vendor flea market. 

What an event, not that we bought much. They closed it at 10:30, the Interstate was totally jammed up. People were parking across the interstate and walking across, so dangerous. 

We did see a lot of friends, mostly blacksmiths looking for good deals. MY blogger friend Sarah found some great finds. Check them out at Makin' Projects

The highlight of the day was eating at Klein's restaurant in Rosebud, Missouri! Here's an old blog post with pictures of their desserts

Now the shortest month is over and in comes March, Lamb or Lion?  Time will tell.

Life is Good!


Jerry C said...

Your talent is amazing. I can't even comprehend, much less attempt putting one of those pieces together. We love browsing the flea markets "up North". They all seem to have the most unusual items. Happy anniversary.

Down On The Farm said...

You guys are the most busy retired people I've ever seen LOL!!! I enjoy all your travels. You are so talented!! Your quilts are just amazing!! What a gift! Happy March!!!

Deanna said...

Lots of activities and many memories for such a short month. You already know how much I love the quilt. And those pants are the cats meow 🐱 . I know you are grieving right now, and am so sorry for your loss of a good friend. Hugs.

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