Monday, October 15, 2018

Thirty some years later . . .

No I haven't been away from blogging that long.

We took a trip to Eminence, Missouri along the Current river for a few days of R and R. The last time we were camped here together our kids were little. 

It was a fun weekend.

Here's our camp spot. We roughed it as there were no hook-ups. However with a propane water heater we had hot showers every night. Of course there were plenty of hand made quilts to warm us too!

Speaking of quilts, Saturday we started by going to a quilt show in town. There were about 35 quilts entered. From what I saw, all but one were machine quilted.

 This was the only one hand quilted and it was made in 1950.

Next we went to Circle B craft show. It might have been the largest craft show we've ever been to. It was reported there were 4000 people there. There were at least 3 of the big circus tents and hundreds of small tents. Would you believe we left without buy a thing! Including not even a funnel cake or a blooming onion.

A re-purposed Canoe!

From the craft show we went to The Haunting of the Hills festival. Here are some beautiful axes from Dr. Jim Price's collection. Some dated back to Roman times.

Look at the amazing details.

Our friend Ray Joe Hastings of Doniphan, Missouri displayed his gig collection.

My blacksmith has a collection too, but not near this many!

Here they were cooking hog heads to make head cheese. Trust me I wouldn't stay for the final product.

Some nice baskets.

The blacksmith ran into lots of friends that he hunts with.

92 year old Jake shows one of his carved walking sticks he makes. We also have a couple of his hand made turkey calls.

He pulled this tiny arrow head from his pocket to show me.

The foresters helped the ladies pour their soap.

These guys were making moonshine!

Pictures don't do this justice.

The Alley Spring Mill, gorgeous in any weather.

I received my hand made wool socks from Karen before we left. They kept my feet toasty warm. She has an Etsy page.

He does such a good job cooking breakfast for me!

Sunday we went to Old Iron Works days near Salem, Missouri. This lady was making socks on an antique sock machine. She told me it was made in the early 1900's.

Look at her colorful broom. When I suggested to my friend Margie that she should try this, she told me she just had that very same day!

The hornets nest! If only I had a video of the blacksmith trying to retrieve this after dark. That was after his flashlight went dead. Did I mention they were alive in there?  That was until he gave them a dose of Raid wasp and hornet spray. It now is drying and will be hung in our mudroom with 3 others that he has collected.

Until next time.


KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Looks like a fun weekend with my kind of people! Thanks for the shout out on the socks .

Jerry C said...

I'm not much on quilts, but love a festival where there's lots of old stuff. Nice photos. You should have tried that hog head cheese. You might have liked it.

Down On The Farm said...

Those quilts are just gorgeous! I do have a question. When you make your quilts are they all done by hand? Each block and the quilting? Or do you sew it all together by machine? I've never quilted before but they just look so amazing!!! Makes me wish I was a quilter! Looks like you and BT had a great time. I love the pictures. Thanks for letting me travel with you!!! Let me know if you're gonna be in Jeff . . . . I'll buy your lunch!! Have a blessed day friend!