Friday, October 26, 2018

The last trip of the year in the Casita, Hamilton Missouri Quilting mecca of the world!

October 17, 2018 we left about noon for Hamilton, Missouri. Our first stop was in Macon at the Ben Franklin store. I love that store. It still has flat fold fabric and many, many bolts of reasonably priced fabric. While the blacksmith sat in the truck, I picked up 5 pieces of fabric and two new rag rugs.

We then went down the street for pie and coffee at Ashley's Apple Basket, but changed our mind and ate lunch.

We arrived at A Country Charm RV park in Hamilton a little before 3. We were like the needle in a hay stack. TINY! Before our stay was over I am pretty sure all but one camper was there to attend the week at Missouri Star Quilt Company. Two ladies, Linda and Jane, messaged me on Facebook that they were also staying there.

So for the next three days, the blacksmith was teaching a Colonial hardware class at the Missouri School of Blacksmith in Cameron, Missouri just 15 miles away.

So to feel right at home, I took along my cappuccino machine! 

I also took my Singer 99 machine, dated 1956!

Thursday I finished 4 pillowcases, one table runner and started on a homespun plaid quilt top.  I was also cooking Burger country ham with Yelloweye beans in the slow cooker outside.

I went on to piece a little more on the Elvis quilt.

Thursday afternoon I got a message from a Facebook post I had on a RV/quilting page. It was from a friend of the RV park owner. He offered me a free class at Missouri Star quilt. Too bad I didn't see the message until after it was over with. So I replied, was there anything tomorrow, as I hadn't seen the message soon enough.

Bob told me I was welcome to attend all three sessions on Friday!

I saw Linda come home to her camper Wednesday afternoon, so I went to tell her what I was given. She asked me to go along with her Friday and she'd show me the way. 

Friday the first demonstration I saw was Mary Jane Carey.  She is a fabric designer for Henry Glass fabrics.  Her holiday quilts that were embellished with jewels really caught my eye.

In the afternoon, I saw (and met) Stacy West. OMG, the wool appliques she makes were beautiful. I was getting hooked! Her business is Buttermilk Basin. You must check it out.

Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin! I should have asked her to sign my pattern. 

The last show of the day was Jenny Doak of Missouri Star Quilt Co. and her husband, Ron, what a team! She took 9 charm pack blocks (I think they are 5 1/2 inches square), sewed them up and showed all these quilts that were made from just sewing them together. It was amazing to see them. 

Bob the Facebook friend that gave me the free demonstrations package, told me I must go see the worlds largest spool of thread. I introduced myself to Bob's wife, Courtenay and gave her one of my handmade needle keepers for letting me in! Thank you to you both!!!!

The building behind me will be a quilting museum. They gladly accept donations.

My partner in crime (okay shopping) was Linda from from Springtown Texas. We stopped a quilter and she took our picture, since I wasn't very successful in taking a good selfie! I so appreciated her and her husband Dennis giving me a ride, although the RV park is just about 4 or 5 blocks, an easy walk to town.

Frying some county ham and cabbage outside the Casita!

Saturday morning my friend Tami knocked on my door. Her and her husband are blacksmith friends. He was doing the Hamilton Fall Festival. Tami and I went road tripping. First she took me on a tour of Missouri state park, Crowder Park. It was beautiful with the trees turning golden all through the hills. 

We went on to Missouri days at Trenton Missouri. There we walked through a huge craft show, so many vendors. The booth she is standing in, was our favorite! 

After lunch at Dino's cafe, where we two sisters by different mothers ordered the exact same thing. We went to her parents  little paradise of 20 acres tucked among big trees and a lake, which can be viewed out two sides of their unique dome home. 

After a quick tour, some visiting , and a few doggie pets, it was time to move on.

We drove through the town of Chillicothe and saw the amazing murals. This is the back of the library! Take a better look here: Murals of Chillicothe.

The people in these windows looked so real.

We then headed back to Hamilton. There we went to the Fall Festival at the steam engine grounds. Of course we had to go see Tami's husband Willy, where he was forging. 

She dropped me off at the Casita, just shortly before my blacksmith returned from his class.

Later that night, when I was over visiting Linda in her RV, Willy stopped by for a visit. 

Bernie demonstrating during his class.

It was a small class, but that can be a good thing. He had 3 students, including our friend Melanie!

We returned home Sunday. Sadly it will be the last trip in the Casita this year. After a low of 29 on the last night, it's time to winterize it!

We will be looking forward to next spring, when we can again take it on a road trip!


Beverly Robertson said...

Hi Patti! I loved reading your latest blog! What an interesting and fun trip for you. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Bev R.

Beverly Robertson said...

Hi again! I keep getting notices that Nathan is the one commenting. :) Not sure why since this is my computer! :)

Sherri said...

Sounds like you had a great trip!!!