Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A birthday gift comes from far away!

Yesterday I received this sweet package from Cathy, an old friend in Australia. 

We met I’m think about 20 years ago on an old sewing forum. If I remember correctly, she was looking for some fabric. I sent her some and the rest is history.

We have exchanged many gifts over the years. Her sewing and machine skills are extraordinary! 

We don’t communicate as much as we use to but several weeks ago I reached out to ask if she was in danger of the fires.

We talked via email. She was safe! She asked if we still lived at the same address. 

Then yesterday this arrived

A covered journal.

She calls this a mug mat. Now who wants to take a chance getting it stained! The embroidery work is just a piece of art.

My birthday card and a crochet face cloth.

Look at the zipper pull on this pouch! Isn’t it adorable? As if the fabric wasn’t pretty enough, she machined embroidered a heart on it. 

A sweet cosmetic bag. Who thinks of adding lace to a zipper? Of course another sweet zipper pull.

Thank you Cathy, here’s to many more years of sewing and quilting friendships.

God is good.

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KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh my! What beautiful treatises!!!!