Sunday, April 5, 2020

COVID - 19 Day 1-12

This blog, is mostly for  me to remember these trying times we are living in.  So years from now we can look back, or our grandkids can, to see how life was.

Day 1
Saturday March 14 2020
Headlines: State of emergency. 
Two more cases in Missouri. 
We went to church and Ecco.  Who knew we’d be quarantined after this.

Day 2
Sunday 3/15/20 
I cancelled my quilt ladies bus trip.
Chili for dinner. 

Day 3 Monday 3/16/20 
Headlines: March madness (basketball) has been cancelled.
We took inventory of our food. We’re looking pretty good we think. Toilet paper had been sold out everywhere. Now, I won’t complain about those huge packages that Sam’s sell. We probably have over 30 rolls of TP, and more than a dozen rolls of paper towels. 

Day 5
Tuesday 3/17/20 
Headlines US urges older people to stay home.
Didn’t go to quilting. Defrosted freezer, made a  cherry pie, spaghetti, salad, garlic bread.
Bernie  is keeping busy building a gun.
1 case in Cole county.

Day 6
Wednesday 3/18/20 
Headlines COVID-19 in Cole county , 15 state wide.
I quilted, Bt worked on a gun stock. I made a quick trip to post office which has big yellow circle spots on the floor to mark your 6 foot distance between each other. Shopped nearly bare shelves at Aldi’s. Gas $1.97.
 2 cases in Cole county.

Day 7
Thursday 3/19/20 
Headlines Governor says: Concern, yes. Fear, not.
Lots  of rain, sun came out about 2. That made us feel better. Bernie worked on the gun he’s building. I made cinnamon rolls, egg salad, and beef barley soup for tomorrow. For dinner we had hamburgers and tater tots. Lori was in Dollar General, picked up Miracle  Whip and Tylenol for me. All Missouri schools are closed now. Many businesses are closing. Restaurants after Monday, can only have delivery or curb service. 

Day 8
Friday 3/20 
Headlines Empty Mass. 
Jefferson City’s Catholic services were suspended due to COVID-19.
We were up at 7 am  to take homemade cinnamon rolls out of refrigerator to rise. Terry and Debby came at 11. The guys ground deer and pork meat for sausage. Lunch was beef barley soup, egg salad sandwiches, and salad. 

Day 9
Saturday 3/21 
Headlines: Missouri to ban gatherings of more than 10 people.
Cole county has 3 cases.
Hamburgers and tater tots for dinner.
Lizzie helped clear brush, we kept our 6 foot distance.

Day 10
Sunday 3/22
Headlines: Empty Isles. While there is no nationwide food shortage, according to the FDA, some grocery shelves are sparse locally.
Fried deer steak, mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts for dinner.
It snowed, the biggest wettest flakes we’ve ever seen.

Day 11
Monday 3/23 
Headlines Missouri virus cases 128.
I ordered groceries on line from Schulte’s. Delivered to car! I did pop in westlakes and hobby lobby. I wore a mask. Cut branches of Forsythias  and delivered to Diane, Judy, and Lizzie. Finished hand quilting my Christmas quilt.
Bernie went to Wardsville to fill gas cans.
Beef barley soup, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner. 

Day 12
Tuesday 3/24
Headlines: Capitol, state office buildings to be closed to public.
255 cases in Missouri statewide.
Made 33 pounds deer sausage. 
Beef pot pie for lunch. Then I took a piece to Grandma Wieberg.

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JerryC said...

Sounds very much like our past two weeks here in rural Mississippi. Praying that things begin to improve soon. Stay safe....jc