Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

Okay I can hardly wait for tomorrow. I need to go to work and rest up.

My cinnamon rolls with 2 gnome on the range guarding them.

First of all I made these cinnamon rolls last night and they were our breakfast. I found the recipe for overnight sweet rolls at Lori's blog Mountain Woman at heart. I must say they were awesome! Thanks Lori for the recipe. Visit her blog to get the recipe.

By 10:30 BT and I were headed outside to work on our "state park". At least that is what the project is turning into. For two days now we have burned leaves, cut brush, hauled dead trees and cleaned up the woods. It seems the more you clean, the farther you want to go. I knew I should have taken pictures. Maybe I will when it greens up.

During our burning, we had a visitor, BT's sister, Grace and her husband Dan. They were playing Santa! They just returned yesterday evening from visiting BT's Mom in Texas. She sent our Christmas gift rather then mail it. Way to go Mom! What a great gift!

After giving them the 50 cent tour of the park and a dose of puppy love from Bentley they left. We went back to work for several more hours. About 3:30, fires were contained and I went inside. I finished making a pot of chicken noodle soup and set out our lunch.

With a full tummy, I ventured outside one more time to retrieve tools. It was then time for a much needed shower. I also put in two loads of clothes. I finished the two crib sheets I made for the little princess. I cut out the pieces for her dust ruffle. Yesterday I made curtains for her room.

As dark set in BT sharpened all our butcher knives. Tomorrow night starts our 5 day process of making deer sausage. I washed up the big tubs. Tomorrow night my kitchen will be taken over by wanna be butchers.

More on that story later....recliner time now.


Lori said...

I am so glad you enjoyed them. There is no better comfort food than homemade cinnamon rolls. I'll be making them again tonight for our guests coming in.

Tipper said...

Sounds like some productive work going on! We got the garden plowed and I was getting so excited to work outside again-now back in the 20s. Oh well Spring has to be here soon!

Carol said...

Your day is what we will be doing as soon as we get back to OK. I am looking forward to it. Two weeks in a hotel, city life and traffic is making me yearn for the farm, again.
Sharp knives!! How I also yearn for my own blacksmith.

Zoey said...

Oh, to have sharp knives! I have been trying to find a place to get mine sharpened for 2 years. Still have not found anyone who does it.

Those cinnamon rolls look wonderful. I am going over to her blog now for the recipe.

It sounds like you will have a busy week ahead with the deer.

Mel said...

So funny . . . need to go to work to rest up!!

Sara said...

You know I'm diggin' any deer sausage stories you have to share!
5 day process?!