Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden . . . take two

Grandpa says season one is about over. And that is what I think of that!

Grandma says she really doesn't need anymore tomatoes. I counted 73 jars of tomato juice, tomato salsa, tomato soup, chili sauce, spagaetti sauce, even whole tomatoes in the basement cabinet. But then I really can't count past 7 or is it 9???

Grandpa planted turnips, lettuce,  white radishes and red radishes last friday. Monday evening I saw they were already peaking through the soil. He can hardly wait for fresh lettuce from the garden.

Grandma and Grandpa need a rest after all the garden work, think I will ask them to go camping with us this weekend!


katie said...

Sounds like it is time to go camping. You have had a busy garden time this year. I love how you preserve things by canning and freezing. I wish I had the energy. You'll enjoy it this winter when we have 10 inches of snow right?

Zoey said...

I can't believe how fast Elizabeth is growing!

Have fun camping. You deserve to take a break from all the canning. I know a woman's work is never done, but now and then we deserve a little FUN!

Sonja said...

Your so very lucky to have your grandkids near you. I'm in MO my kiddies are in PA. hmmmmmI would love to see more of your camper, we have a fifth wheel and always like to see more.

Deanna said...

Lizzy sure has a way with words. Our tomatoes did not do well at all this year. I think we have more to pick today, though.

Hope you had fun camping!!!