Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a win, win situation!

You know the old saying, the cobbler's kids go shoeless, or the mechanic's wife's car is never fixed? Well this blacksmith's wife is not doing without!

Look what he made me now. It holds all 5 of my rolling pins. One of which is from my grandma Cardwell's kitchen. I can still rememeber her rolling out dumplings with it. It's second from the bottom.

I love it. 


This is the blacksmith and his friend Kenny. They packed up and left today on their annual squirrel hunt in southern Missouri. They will be gone all week, minus the dog, he stays with me.

So I will be spending the week, eating what ever, when ever, I want, sleeping in the middle of the bed, shopping at TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Penneys, Dillards, Marshalls, the quilt store, antique shops, resell it shops, did I mention quilt shops?


PS I really will miss him.


Lori said...

I always hate it when DH is gone for a week. I don't particularly like being in the house by myself but do enjoy all of the other perks it brings, like you mentioned, middle of the bed and whatever and whenever you want. Have a wonderful week!

Annie Jones said...

Shane has been gone this year, off and one, for a total of 15 weeks or so. I'm getting pretty used to this single living gig again. I miss my husband, but it definitely makes housework easier! :)

I love your pin rack. I also love your noodle pin! I used to have one by somehow one of the "blades" got broken off. :(

Marge said...

I'm coming down to join you in a shopping trip! Nothing better than a TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, antique or thrift store trip except for the quilt shop trip! You will have fun! Actually, I may be coming your direction next month! We're talking a fall trip to Missouri, maybe a day or two in Branson, Eureka Springs, drive through the hills, etc. Any suggestions for me? A great quilt shop?

GerryART said...

Such a great way to showoff your family heirlooms, including your made-by-hubby rack.


Janice said...

Well, Patti,I'm trying to get another portion of the house that hasn't been finished in 29 years while the DH is gone. This task won't get finished until he is back, though, so he'll just have to deal with this one.

Like you, I do miss him, though, especially at night. There is just something about having him in the house after dark!!!!

Deanna said...

That rolling pin holder is a doozy. You will enjoy your time doing whatever you want, but you are going to be so glad when he gets back home! Hope you both enjoy the week.

Zoey said...

I agree that the blacksmith's wife should not do without!

That is a great piece. I think I have the same red-handled rolling pin as your family heirloom. I use mine all the time.

tipper said...

I know you'll miss him-but it is nice to take it easy too : ) Love the rolling pen hanger.

Val said...

Oh but it is so nice sometimes just to have that "me" time! I love your win win!!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

I love that rolling pin rack!

Rural Revival said...

It's win, win alright. Next year I'm sending the Artist on a squirrel hunt!