Monday, September 12, 2011

Casita road trip to Mark Twain lake

We set out early Wednesday morning last week  for a few days of R & R.  We stopped in Paris!  Well that is Paris, Missouri. 

Anyway I snapped a picture of their beautiful court house.

Here's a shot of the main street.

Mark Twain Landing is where we set up camp. Campsite #105 would be our home for 5 glorious days!

We drove to a beach, there are many in the area. It looked so lonely all deserted.

The campground had lots of RV's,  just not a lot of people in them.

This pond was behind us.

If only we had a lake view like this!

They have cabins you can rent.

The blacksmith tried a few casts. From this pond you could keep your catch. Unfortunately he caught only a few very small ones.

This was the catch and release pond. Of course he caught about 30 here.

It was a beautiful evening.

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you more about our trip.


Jackie said...

I loved this post! Paris is only about 20 miles from my hometown (Shelbina). It has been many years since I've been to Mark Twain I want to go back. Thanks for posting the great photos.

Carol said...

Nice pics. I am in Savannah GA for two weeks and forgot my download cord. Waiting for tour bus for an historic homes tour right now. Posts next week

Annie Jones said...

We've been there! It was back when we were tent-campers, though. One of my wedding rings came from an antique shop in Paris.

Yes, I have more than one wedding ring...I tend to "outgrow" them. Sometimes I have them re-sized and other times I just find new ones. :)

Annie Jones said...

Oops, I'll correct myself. I think the ring may have come from a store in Perry, MO. Different side of the same lake.

tipper said...

You totally got me-I was like Paris!!!! Looks like a good time-I'm glad you all got some R&R : )

Zoey said...

Paris looks like a great spot to camp--I wonder where all the other people were?

Flat Creek Farm said...

Patti, your photos are great! There's my fabulous hometown of Paris.. and it's actually been awhile since we've been to Mark Twain Lake. Did PW mention he helped build at least one of those bridges, back when we were young 'uns and dating? Where you stayed is very very close to my aunt & uncle's place (i need to go visit, actually). I'd love a lake view like that too! Come back to our neck o' the woods soon! -Tammy